anyone have any tips for cleaning up my sweeps? the open strings ring out a little bit sometimes after my fingers move off the strings. i mean i'm fairly decent at it i just want to clean it up some
just practice slow itll come

i totally underestimated the value of that, but its what i did, and now sweeps are almost completely natural sounding
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lol i don't think its a matter of practicing it slow its just unfortunate any of the guitar videos out there do very little to demonstrate right hand technique. my sweeps are very clean with the exception of that i just use the edge of my thumb to mute them as i cross over them i mean can anyone recommend any videos for any type right hand technique maybe show a better way to hold the pick or anything else because it seems everyone has their own way to do it. if you watch even michael angelo he digs his other three fingers on his picking hand into the paint and uses it as like a pivot point. but i realize hes ambidextrous and has a very unorthodox style i'm just in matter of speaking is there a right way and a wrong way i've been playing for several years now i'm all self taught so there for i do have bad habits now and again and i'm always looking for ways to tweak it and i'm pretty sure my picking has its problems
run your right thumb over the strings whilst,
my friend does it
i cant sweep yet though =]