Okay so I have a problem. So I have been playing for about 6 months. Currently my setup consists of a St. Blues Bluesmaster IV (costs $1000 but is amazing) and a roland microcube So Christmas is coming and I dont know what to get. I want a tube amp and I'm pretty much set on either a fender blues junior or a blackheart. However, my parents dont want to put out that much money. So now I'm stuck wondering what to get. Guitar is my one and only passion so anything else is out of the question. I was thinking of maybe getting an EQ pedal. Any ideas would be helpful.

P.S. I want to start recording. So maybe an audio interface and some recording plugins? How much would that cost?

EDIT: I'm thinking I can spend up to $300. However, unless its on my amp I dont think it woould be a good idea because then when I want my amp they will just say they already spent $300 on guitar for me...
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If you want to start recording maybe look into a Line 6 Toneport or Guitar Rig 3.

If you want a good amp, save for the Blues Junior.
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A gift card? As for Tubes, I"d say Vox AC30 or a fender deluxe. Depends on your playing styel. AC30 if you're into classic rock. Fender deluxe if you want more versitility.
Ask for cash for Xmas and save up the rest, you could get a few bucks selling the cube. I got my heart set on a Blues Jr myself.
Wow i just noticed I left out a lot of essential stuff on my post. For one, I like to play classic rock and metal. (black sabbath, guns n roses, System of a down, as i lay dying, silverstein, etc.) Also, I live in LA.
Im asking for a blues jr, finally played one the other day and loved it. Its got amazing cleans but i dont know how itd handle metal (havent heard good things).
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listen TRY to go to GC and talk to the guys about ur situation

i did this and managed to get a B 52 AT 112 for a mere $300 (down from MSRB of 550 or so)
in the =< $300 range, I'd recommend a Crate V18 or V50, or, if you can spot a used one, a Fender Blues Junior would be my recommendation. I tried pretty much every small-medium tube amp the local Guitar Center had, Really the only one I thought could match it stock or surpass was a Vox AC15, but that's not going to be in your price range new or used. My claim about it is really opinion though; I know a bunch of people who plug into it and walk away thinking I'm an idiot, but I got a green light from the tone testing thread, so I'm happy. If you know what a Fender tube amp sounds like and like that tone on record, your going to love it more live and plugged into by you, so if you like that sound, get the Fender.

As for recording, download Audacity; it's free and kickass. For the mic, a lot of people will say Shure SM57, but their expensive and you'll need a MIDI port or adaptor. personally I'd say get one of the mics local video game shops sell for Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Or if you already have one, plug it in. It's USB, and I use my Rock Band mic for recording, for a $20 video game accessory, the thing has damn good tone.

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Sorry for my complete ignorance but what is an AOR? I can't find it on the site... =(

Laney AORs are discontinued. They are generally regarded as JCM800 sounding amps with a bit more punch and bite to em.

You may also want to look into a Fender Superchamp XD

I did find these gems





Throw an OD pedal and they should get fairly heavy

hmmmmmmmm..... would the classic 50 be okay at bedroom levels? because for some reason, i am finding classic 50s cheaper than classic 30s...