Hey. I've been playing guitar a couple years, off an on. I am a piano player (exams etc), so while my musical knowledge is there, I am ok (definitely not amazing) at guitar..

I have a crappy Oscar Smidt (sub company of washburn) guitar which I bought for maybe $230. I am ready to upgrade. There was always some problems with the inside wiring (which had been fixed) and I think it is screwed up again. (I am getting crazy sounds from the amp sometimes, and i have to fiddle around with the chord to get a 'connection' for sound). My cable is fine :P

So I have been researching new guitars online, and I am at a budget of about 500 dollars, give or take.
I have come across the Epiphone Explorer (the white/black one) and really like it.
I play metal, and clean/indy sounds. Tough combo, I know.

My amp is an Marshall MG10.

My questions include, what are you opinions on the Epiphone Explorer, and if this is a good choice. I hear a lot of people replace the pickups, so i *might* do that later.
On google, I saw that the black/white one was called the 1958 explorer... Silly question, but are they still making it then? Would my music store be able to order it in, or is it out of production.

I eventually want to get a better amp as well, but i dont even know where to start with that.
thanks for any help.
since ur guitar is crappy get a new guitar then amp.
its always a happy thing to have a cool guitar
I hear bad things about those Marshall MG's around here, maybe you should try upgrading the amp first.
the mg10 is..well i got one when i first started out and i still have it...i wouldnt use it outside of my house - gigging with an mg10 is definitely a nono - but who cares about the amp you can rent one when you really need one get a guitar and if epiphone is the sound you like then full steam ahead
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No point worrying about little things like pickup upgrades yet, you need to replace both the guitar and amp before that ever becomes an issue.

If you've got $500....


good all-rounder, similar to a Strat but with a humbucker in the bridge which is better at heavier sounds. Will do nice Fender-type clean tones.


a bit more metal/rock oriented. Very good at fat, warm tones, good for distortion - not so great at clean tones though.





...all modelling amps, they use digital circuitry to simulate a wide variety of tones from more expensive, larger amps. They also have built in effects to play with...great for an inexperienced player who doesn't know a lot about gear, in particular amps. It gives you an idea of what kind of sounds are out there so you know what to be aiming for if you ever buy a larger amp.



these two are both discontinued which is why they're so cheap - they're tube amps which have a more organic and generally nicer tone to them. They're more dynamic and respond better than modelling amps but they lack the built in effects and they don't have the same wide variety of tones, however they're better at the sounds they do make.

I'd say go for a modeller at this stage, it'll be a massive step up from the MG but I don't think you need to go any further than that yet...wait till you've found your sound before making a more significant amp purchase.
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Thanks for the information guys!
Above poster, I really like the look of the first Peavey Amp you posted.
I've written it down, and the next time I go to my music shop I'll see if they have it/if they can get it/what they think about it.