Well As of right now I have a 212 cabinet, but only one of the speakers works in it (it is an eminence Black Powder, and it's rated at 8 ohms and 75 watts RMS). Well I run a Carvin V3 and right now I am just using that speaker and the Carvin running at 50 watts, but I do want to run it at 100 watts, or at least have a dual speaker spread. So what I was wondering is can I buy another speaker that has more or less wattage? or does it have to be exactly the same amount of wattage?

I have asked around and gotten different answers so I am looking to figure it out now before I invest more money then I have to.
thank you for any help
Yes, you can buy another speaker that has more or less wattage but be careful, because the total amount of power handling will be limited by the speaker of lower wattage. So say you get a 50 watt speaker, your total power handling will only be 100 watts rather than 125.
I just wanna make sure I'm clear before I give an answer:

You have a 50w amplifier running a halved 2x12 that is 75w max. Any speaker that you put in, so long as the impedance matches up nicely, will be ok. Now. If your Carvin supported say... 100w and you only were using a single 75w speaker contrary to popular belief:

1) Your amp isn't always putting out 100w it's based on volume.

2) If your speaker is being damaged (which it would be... but in the long run not much unless: ) you hear a sound commonly called "farting." You can guess what it sounds like.

So anyway... if you wanted to replace the broken speaker and your Carvin has a maximum of 50w output, any speaker you put in will work fine so long as the impedance matches up. If your Carvin switched to say... 100w at some specific impedance, you'll want (for the sake of being safe) at least another 25w max speaker.
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