With a floyd rose guitar can you have it in standerd and tune it to drop C. Or will everything mess up. Do you just have to put new strings on and go to drop C. Because I like metal but I like blues too and changeing the strings when i want to play a different tuneing is a hassel. Thanks in advance
dont get a guitar with a floyd if your going to be changing tunings alot.
if you have a guitar with a standard bridge use it for the blues, or metal either.
and then put the floyd in one or the other and keep it there
it will mess all the **** up XD i recomend using a pedal to drop it like rp250 or something like that
You should probably use a heavier gauge for drop c, and you need to get the bridge set for the proper tuning. If you're thinking about changing tunings often, a floyd rose is certainly not the smartest choice.
just get .10 gauge string, and you should be able to change from standard to drop C. Though, I keep mine in half step because standard is a bit too much tension for my guitar

And adjust the springs.
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k one thing you'll have to find out first is if bridge is completely pressed down(not possible to raise pitch with whammy) or if it is floating(you can use whammy in either direction). IF the bridge is competely pressed down, then yes you could tune down, but if it its a floating bridge, this tuning would cause the bridge to either raise or lower making int impossible to play even if you are tighening or loosening the strings, if that doesnt cause a problem, then it would make the intonation wrong, and it would end up sounding like ****. so wut i can suggest its to go into a guitar shop, and tell them you would like a setup for your guitar in wutever tuning you would like.( in this instance drop C). i hope i was helpful to you.
My second guitar which is a LTD M-100 FM is tuned to drop C. I used .10 strings and it plays perfectly.

The strings are much looser than normal but still playable. But it takes a long time to adjust the springs and intonation and stuff.. So if you're planning to tune it at drop C i recomend getting another guitar or a fixed bridge..
I would definitely not get a FR guitar if you are going to change tunings a lot. Not only would you have to unlock to change tunings, but like everybody said above me, you would also have to adjust the tension and its just a big time-consuming pain in the ass. And you would not even be able to use a pedal to go between these 2 tunings (standard and drop C)...a pedal will only work to go from a Drop tuning to another drop tuning (i.e. Drop D to Drop C, etc.) or a standard tuning to other standard tunings (i.e. E Standard to D Standard, etc.)
just abandon that idea man

is such a pain in the ass like everybody else says adjusting the springs is tedious X_X
and if you adjust it to C and then you want to change tuning you have to do it again it takes me like 1-3 hours doing this X_X
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