i tried posting this earlier but it didnt work because even though i was logged on, it made me log on after i wrote it, so i lost all of what i wrote, i might have left stuff out, so if you have any specific questions about stuff i might not have included please dont hesitate to ask.

heres my questions/dilemmas; i have a snowblower, not sure how many horses, not sure what size (its at someone else's house right now), but its a regular snowblower you'd use for your driveway, runs on gasoline, its not double sized or anything, just the regular thing. its got an auger speed control, and and wheel drive speed control (6FWD and 2 REVR) (the auger speed is relative to the drive speed). its broken down on me more than a couple of times, theres this safety feature thats starting to get worn out so it requires less pressure for it work everytime it goes off; its this thing where if ever you're trying to push to much snow into it and there's too much pressure on the spiral thing in front, there'll be a pin that gives and the spinning will stop so that you dont mess up the internal ''suction'' blade that shoots the snow out. im not too concerned about that, its just annoying when it happens cuz its a pain to replace.

my main problem is my drives. I'll put it in fwd1 (im talking about my wheel drive) and it wont work at all, i'll jerk around with it, switch the gears then go back, fool around with the carb control knob and sometimes it'll work, and sometimes it wont, and im stuck either turning it off and on again and retrying or jerking around with it for who knows how long. the same problem happens with my revr1 and 2. im wondering if its some kind of drive belt inside that might be slipping or broken and may need to replaced. any clues on how to fix this?

another question (sounds stupidly fun, but i seriously want to use this), i want to attach a small compressed gas tank on my snowblower and run some tubing directly into/infront of the air intake. i need to know if there's something i should worry about if i do this; im afraid of damaging gaskets, or putting too much torque on my crank arms or my drive shaft or w/e. i'd only be using this as a ''boost''(turning the valve on the tank on and off), and not continuously using this feature. and i need to know which gas would be best to use to improve performance and reduce stress damage to my internals?

im thinking, propane, oxyacetylene, or pure oxygen (i know they sell it at home depot), but is there anything else i can use?

any help on this would be greatly appreciated,

thanks much guys and gals

sorry about the wall of text, i tend to write abit much, my bad.
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ya im trying to get more direct answers, google and other sites have just totally left me in total consfusion.
I was hoping this would be something more....direct? But yeah I would take off the engine covers and have a look around. Probably is a just a drive belt slipping or something.
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I was hoping this would be something more....direct? But yeah I would take off the engine covers and have a look around. Probably is a just a drive belt slipping or something.

would i get damage to my piston valves and gaskets if used a gas booster though?