As you know, Christmas is coming up so i am going to have spending money and what would i want but a new guitar. The main things i am looking for are
-Explorer type shape
-24 frets if at all possible
-6 string
-Tonally versatile

and my budget is around $350(I'm just a teen. That's why its so little in case you are wondering.)

Of course, you get what you pay for, so I know i'm not going to be able to get something amazing, but i have a Squier Bullet right now, so it can't be much worse than that.

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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You can probably get one for cheaper and swap out the pickups later on for something better. As for tonality versatility good luck with EMGs lol.

If you really want Tonality versatility you could aim for a used epiphone explorer on ebay and then just swap new pickups into it.
i would definatly lead you in the direction of esps ex's but thats only cuz i have an ex350. the 400s are really nice though but will cost quite a biit. and the ex's are mainly a metal guitar

since idk what you play id say try the epiphone explorers. some have really nice tones and good quality so check a few of them out.
I play Metallica-ish kind of stuff. The music I write has soft parts like Nothing Else Matters and riffage like Creeping Death but I can only afford one guitar, so i need something that can cover all of those.

And if i take the Epi option and then swap out the pickups, how much would that cost and is it incredibly hard?