put a band you like for each letter of the abc's

A - Alice Cooper
B - Bigelf
C - Cradle of Filth
D - The Devil Wears Prada
E - The Eagels
F - Flyleaf
G - Greeley Estates
H - Hawthorne Heights
J - Joe Satriani
K - Korn
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Megadeth
N - Nirvana
O - Oingo Boingo
P - Project 86
Q - Queensryche
R - Rush
S - Stryper
T - Twisted Sister
U - Underoath
V -Van Halen
W - Wolfmother
X - X-Sinner
Y - Yngwie Malmsteen
Z - Zao
Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking...

...sounds like music to me
A - AC/DC (Bugger no lightning bolt :P)
B - Blue Oyster Cult
C - Cat Empire
D - Dire Straits
E - Eskimo Joe
F - Faker
G - Guns N' Roses
H - Hoodoo Gurus
I - Iron Maiden
J - John Butler Trio
K - Kaiser Chiefs
L - Less Than Jake
M - Metallica
N - Noiseworks
O - The Offspring
P - Pink Floyd
Q - Queen
R - Rage Against The Machine
S - Short Stack
T - Tenacious D
U - Unwritten law
V - Van Halen
W - The Who
X - Xavier Rudd
Y - Yellowcard
Z - ZZ Top
A- At The Drive- In
B- Brand New
C- Crime In Stereo
D- The Dingees
E- The Ergs!
F- Fear Before The March Of Flames
G- The Get Up Kids
H- Hot Cross
I- International Superheroes Of Hardcore
J- Jawbreaker
K- Kanye West
L- Loma Prieta
M- Minus The Bear
N- New Found Glory
O- On The Might Of Princes
P- Portugal The Man
Q- (don't have any)
R- Rocky Votolato
S- Sufjan Stevens
T- Thrice
U- Ultra Dolphins
V- Verse
W- The Wonder Years
X- XO Skeletons
Y- Youth Group
Z- (don't have any)
A. (The) Appleseed Cast
B. Battles
C. Converge
D. DFA1979
E. Envy
F. (The) Fall of Troy
G. Giraffes? Giraffes!
H. Hammock
I. Isis
J. Jawbreaker
K. Kyuss
L. Lightning Bolt
M. Too difficult to choose.
N. North of America
O. Oceansize
P. Portugal. The Man
Q. Queens of the Stone Age
R. Russian Circles
S. Squarepusher
T. Tera Melos
V. (The) Velvet Underground
W. Why?
Y. Yourcodenameis:milo
Z. Zao
A- Al Di Meola
B- Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
C- Cannonball Adderley
D- The Disco Biscuits
E- Eric Clapton
F- Funkadelic
G- Grateful Dead
H- Herbie Hancock
I- Incubus
J- John Coltrane
K- Keller Williams
L- Les Claypool
M- Medeski, Martin & Wood
N- Neil Young
P- Pink Floyd
Q- Queen
R- Return to Forever
S- String Cheese Incident
T- Tea Leaf Green
U- Umphrey's McGee
W- Weather Report
X- Xavier Rudd
Y- Yonder Mountain String Band
Z- ZZ Top
If I remember someone better, I'll update this
A-Alice in Chains (H.M. goes to Aerosmith, Alanis, Allman Bros., The Ass Ponys(check them out) Audioslave, etc.)
B-Blind Melon (H.M. goes to Buckethead, Buju Banton, Bob Marley, Dylan and More.)
C-Clutch (seriously check these guys out if you like rock) (H.M. goes to Counting Crows, The Clash, Cream, Cypress Hill, The Cure, etc)
D-Dave Matthews Band (H.M. goes to Down, Dr.Dog, Dr.Dre, The Dead Milkmen,Devo, the Dickies, etc.)
E- Eddie Vedder (H.M. goes to Elvis Costello I'm pretty low on the E department)
F-Faith No More (H.M. goes to Fishbone, Foos, The Fluid(check 'em out if you like grunge) Fugazi, The Flaming Lips, etc)
G-Gov't Mule- (H.M. goes to Grateful Dead, the Germs, Green River, Grupo Fantasma(check this guy out because I told you to) and Gwen Stefani)
H- Hendrix (H.M. goes to (Hed)P.E., High On Fire, and I'm pretty low on H too)
I-Incubus(earlier the better) (H.M. goes to Iron and Wine, Iron Maiden, I'm really low on I)
J- Jane's Addiction(seriously check out ALL OF THE FIRST TWO ALBUMS) (H.M. goes to Jesus Lizard(who are reuniting), Jeff Beck, Jerry Cantrell, Jefferson Airplane, John Frusciante, etc)
K-King Crimson (H.M. goes to K's Choice and Korn)
L-anything Les Claypool- (H.M. goes to L7, Zepplin, Living Colour, Local H, etc)
M-The Mars Volta (H.M. goes to Mastodon, Marylin Manson, Meat Puppets, Megadeth, Metallica,Mike Gordon, MGMT, Modest Mouse, Mother Love Bone, etc)
N- NIN (H.M. goes to Nirvana, Nickelback(early stuff) No Doubt, Notorious B.I.G., Etc)
O- Opeth (H.M. goes to Oasis, One Day as a Lion, Our Lady Peace, etc)
P- Pearl Jam (H.M. goes to Porno for Pyros, Phish, Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey, Pissed Jeans, Portishead, Presidents of the United States, Primus, Probot(check 'em out) Prong, Public Enemy, etc)
Q- Queens of the Stone Age (H.M. goes to Queen)
R-R.E.M. (H.M. goes to Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers(the older the better) Radiohead, The Racounteurs, Rush, Rob Zombie, etc)
S- Soundgarden & Smashing Pumpkins(without them I wouldn't be a guitarist) (H.M. goes to Screaming Trees, Sleater Kinney, Sonic Youth, Soul Fly, Sly and the Family Stone, etc)
T- Tool (H.M. goes to Tad,Talking Heads, Type O negative, etc)
U-U2 (H.M. goes to Umphrey's McGee)
V-Velvet Revolver (H.M. goes to the Vines)
W- White Stripes (H.M. goes to Weather Report, Ween, White Zombie, etc)
X-Xavier Rudd (H.M. goes to X, X-ray spex, etc)
Y- Yes (H.M. goes to Yonder Mountain, etc)
Z-ZAPPA(H.M. goes to zz top)
1-9- 2pac (H.M. goes to 311)
Finally I'm Done.
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I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
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A. Arcade Fire
B. Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen
C. Comets On Fire
D. Deerhunter
E. Elvis Costello
F. Fugazi
G. The Gaslight Anthem or Godspeed You! Black Emperor
H. The Hold Steady
I. Iggy Pop
J. Johnny Cash
K. King Khan & the BBQ Show
L. Lou Reed
M. Minutemen or My Morning Jacket,
N. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
O. Outkast
P. Pixies
Q. Q-Tip
R. The Replacements
S. Sonic Youth
T. Tom Waits or the Talking Heads
U. U2
V. Velvet Underground
W. White Denim or the White Stripes
X. X
Y. Yo La Tengo
Z. None.
My all gold grills give her cold chills
Said she gotta coke feel cuz I'm sooo trill.
A - Alice In Chains
B - The Beastie Boys
C - The Clash
D - David Bowie
E - Eminem
F - Faith No More
G - Guess Who
H - House Of Pain
I - Iggy Pop
J - Jimi Hendrix
K - Kanye West
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Mr. Bungle
O - Offspring
P - Pearl Jam
Q - Queen
R - Red Hot Chili Peppers
S - Soundgarden
T - Talking Heads
U - U2
V - Velvet Underground
W - Ween
X - X-ecutioners
Y - Yes
Z - Zappa
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clicked X.

force of habit

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B - Bob Dylan
C - Coldplay
D - Disturbed
E - The Eagles
F - Foo Fighters
G - Guns N' Roses
H - Helloween
I - Iron Maiden
J - Jimi Hendrix Experience
K - Kamelot
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Motley Crue
N - Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails
O - Ozzy Osbourne
P - Protest the Hero
Q - Queen
R - Red Hot Chili Peppers
S - Smashing Pumpkins
T - Talking Heads
U - U2
V - Van Halen
W - White Stripes
X - X Japan
Y - Yes
Z - ZZ Top
A - Alkaline Trio
B - Brand New
C - Coheed and Cambria
D - Dream Theater
E - Explosions In the Sky
F - Four Year Strong
G - God Is an Astronaut
H - The Holly Springs Disaster
I - Iron Maiden
J - Jack Johnson
K - Kaddisfly
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Muse
N - Northstar
O - Opeth
P - Protest the Hero
Q - Queen
R - Rush
S - Sigur Ros
T - Taking Back Sunday
U - Underoath
V - Van Halen
W - The Wonder Years
X -
Y - Young Hearts
Z -
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what a ripoff

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A. Art Ensemble of Chicago
B. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
C. Charles Mingus
D. David Gilmour
E. Elmore James
F. Funkadelic
G. Galactic
H. Howard Shore
I. Isley Brothers
J. Jeff Beck
K. Kate Nash
L. Lily Allen
M. Miles Davis
N. Nick Drake
P. Pink Floyd
Q. Queen
R. Radiohead
S. Sonny Rollins
T. Thelonious Monk
U. Umphrey's McGee
V. Victor Wooten
W. Wood Brothers
Y. Yardbirds
Z. ZZ Top

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A- Amebix
B- Blood Brothers
C- Captain Beefheart
D- Dead Kennedys
E- Eric Clapton
F- Fugazi
G- Gogol Bordello
H- Hot Water Music
I- Iggy Pop
J- Jawbreaker
K- Kakistocracy
L- Lemuria
M- M.D.C.
N- Nas
O- Operation Ivy
P- Public Enemy
Q- Queens Of The Stone Age
R- Rudimentary Peni
S- Sex Pistols
T- The Toasters
U- U2
V- Velvet Underground
W- World Inferno Friendship Society
X- X-Ray Spex
Y- Yardbirds
Z- Zounds
A - Ataxia
B - Blur
C - The Clash
D - Miles Davis
E - The Enemy
F - Fugazi
G - Jonny Greenwood
H - Hot Chip
I - Iggy and the Stooges
J - John Frusciante
K - Klaxons
L - Land of Talk
M - Muse
N - Nirvana
O - Oasis
P - Portishead
Q - Queens of the Stone Age
R - Radiohead/Red Hot Chili Peppers (can't decide)
S - Sonic Youth
T - Tokyo Police Club
U - The Undertones
V - Van She
W - Wolfmother
X - XTC (couldn't think of anyone else)
Y - Thom Yorke
Z - Zero 7
B-The Beatles
C-Children Of Bodom
F-Foo Fighters
G-Guns N' Roses
I-Iron Maiden
J-Judas Priest
L-Led Zeppelin
O-Opeth is pretty good.
P-The Police(saw them last year )
T-Three Days Grace
V-Vomitory isn't bad.
W-The Who
Avenged Sevenfold
Between The Buried and Me
Coheed and Cambria
Dillinger Escape Plan
Every Time I Die
Foo Fighters
Guns N Roses
Human Abstract
Jimi Hendrix
Killswitch Engage
Lamb of God
Norma Jean
Red Hot Chili Peppers
System Of A Down
Van Halen
White Stripes
Zz Top
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A - Against Me!
B - Bikini Kill
C - Crass
D - Dead Kennedys
E - The Ergs!
F - Fugazi
G - Gang of Four
H - Husker Du
I - nada!
J - Jawbreaker
K - Kids Called Crazy
L - Lemuria
M - Minutemen
N - New York Dolls
O - Operation Ivy
P - Pixies
Q - The Queers
R - Ramones
S - The Smiths
T - Television
U - I got nothin'
V - The Velvet Underground
W - Wire
X - X-Ray Spex
Y - empty
Z - Zounds
A - Anthrax
B - Beck
C - The Clash
D - Dave Brubeck
E - Elmore James
F - Foo Fighters
G - Good Shoes
H - Howlin' Wolf
I - Iron Maiden
J - Jimi Hendrix
K - The Kinks
L - Led Zeppelin
M - The Mars Volta
N - Nirvana
O - Ocean Colour Scene
P - Pink Floyd
Q - Queens Of The Stone Age
R - Rage Against The Machine
S - The Smiths
T - Thin Lizzy
U - U2
V - The Vines
W - The White Stripes
X - none
Y - The Yardbirds
Z - ZZ Top
A - The Allman Brothers Band
B - The Beatles
C - Cream
D - DJ Shadow
E - Eric Dolphy
F - Frank Zappa
G - The Guess Who
H - Herbie Hancock
I - Incubus
J - Jeff Beck
K - Kool and the Gang
L - Led Zeppelin
M - The Mahavishnu Orchestra
N - Neil Young
O - Ornette Coleman
P - Pete Rock
Q -
R - Return to Forever
S - Santana
T - Trio of Doom
U -
V -
W - Weather Report
X -
Y - Yes
Z -

i fail...........couldnt think of anything else
'Music is the best"
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A - Al Dimeola
B - Black Mages
C - Chroma Key
D - Dream Theater
E - Eric Johnson
F - Farah and Strunz
G - Genesis
H - Human Abstract
I - Iron Maiden
J - Jason Becker
K - King Crimson
L - Liquid Tension Experiment
M - Megadeth
N - Nile
P - Paco de Lucia
Q - Queensryche
R - Racer X
S - Steve Morse
T - Tony MacAlpine
U - U2?
V - Vinnie Moore
W - Who, The
X - X, Symphony (Put it in the right order :p)
Y - Yngwie
Z - Zappa

I think that's a pretty good list
A- Allman Brothers Band
B- Boards of Canada
C- Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
D- The Disco Biscuits
E- Explosions In The Sky
F- The Flaming Lips
G- Grateful Dead
H- Hallucinogen In Dub
I- Incubus
J- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
K- Keller Williams
L- Led Zeppelin
M- The Mars Volta
O- Ott
P- Pink Floyd
Q- Queen
R- Rush
S- Streetlight Manifesto
T- Thievery Corporation
U- Umphrey's McGee
V- Van Halen
W- The White Stripes
Y- Yes
Z- Frank Zappa

Man some were hard choices with the numbers of good artists, particularly S. Others had very few artists that I listen to.
B-Blink 182
E-Escape The Fate
G-Goodnight nurse
k-Kill Hannah
L-Limp Bizkit
M-My Chemical Romance
R-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
T-Three Days Grace
V-Very Unique Existence
Here ya go.

A - At the drive in
B - Birds of tokyo
C - Cog
D - Deftones
E - Ekimo joe
F - Fuel
G - Gyroscope
H - The Hives
I - Interpol
J - Janes Addiction
K - Killer Barbies
L - Linkin Park
M - Muse
N - Nirvana
O - The Offspring
P - Placebo
Q - Queens of the Stone Age
R - Radiohead
S - Smashing Pumpkins
T - Tool... Duh!
U - U2
V - The Vines
W - White Stripes
X -
Y -
Z -
123 - 32 Leaves
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. com / fancy-elle
b-Bloc Party
c-The Clash
d-Dead Kennedys
e-Eskimo Joe
f-Foo Fighters
i-Iron Maiden
l-The Living End
n-The Nightwatchman/NIN/Nirvana...cant decide
q-Queens of the Stone Age
r-Rage Against The Machine
s-System Of A Down
v-The Vines
w-The White Stripes
thats the best i can do
A- Alfie
B- Belle & Sebastian/Bloc Party/Bedouin Soundclash
C- Cold War Kids
D- Dandy Warhols
E- Edwin Starr
F- Franz Ferdinand
G- Gregory Isaacs
H- Happy Mondays
I- Inner Circle
J- Joy Division
K- Kings of Leon
L- Lemon Jelly
M- Maps/Magazine
N- Natalie Imbruglia, blates
O- Outkast
P- Peter Bjorn & John
Q- Quindon Tarver
R- Radiohead
S- Sparklehorse
T- Toots & The Maytals
V- The Valentines
W- Weezer
Y- Yellowman
Z- Zach Condon (Beirut)
I'm so adjective, I verb nouns.
A- All That Remains
B- Between The Buried And Me
C- Children Of Bodom
D- Demon Hunter
E- Escape The Fate
F- Flight Of The Conchords
G- God Forbid
H- Hatebreed
I- Iron Maiden
J- Joe Satriani
K- Killswitch Engage
L- Lamb Of God
M- Megadeth
N- Necrophagist
O- Opeth
P- Paul Gilbert
Q- Queen
R- Racer X
S- Shadows Fall
T- Testament
U- Underoath
V- Van Halen
W- Weird Al
Aerosmith / AC/DC
Cosmic Gate
Def Leppard
Eric Clapton
Fleetwood Mac
Guns N Roses
Iron Maiden
Jimi Hendrix
(The) Killers
Led Zeppelin
Mettalica / Muse
Ozzy Ozbourne
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Rolling Stones
Smashing Pumpkins / System of A Down
Van Halen
(The) Who
Yoji Biomehanika
ZZ Top
A : Afro Celt Sound System
B : Biffy Clyro
C : City and Colour
D : Daft Punk
E : Era
F : Fleet Foxes
G : Goldfrapp
H : Hadouken!
I : Iron & Wine
J : Justice
L : Liquidize
M : Minus The Bear
N : Neutral Milk Hotel
O : Oh Laura
P : Portugal The Man

Q : Quinn + Yuri Ogawa & Ocarina is what the name is on my iTunes. The album is called The Solemn Vow + Opera Dream, and it's awesome.

R : Rise Against
S : Saint Deamon
T : Thao
U : Underworld
V : Violent Femmes
W : Why?
X :
Y : Yourcodenameis: Milo
Z : Zwan
Alice in Chains
Dinosaur Jr
Eagles of Death Metal
Frank Black
Gogol Bordello
Hold Steady
Iggy Pop
John Lennon
Kings of Leon
My Bloody Valentine
O... Oasis maybe?
Queens of the Stone Age
U... no idea
Velvet Underground
White Stripes
X... nada
Yo La Tengo
Z... I got nothing
A- August Burns Red, Attack Attack!, A Skylit Drive
B- Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, BTBAM, blessthefall
C- Circa Survive, Children of Bodom
D- Daft Punk, Demon Hunter, Destroy the Runner, Devildriver, the Devil Wears Prada
E- Emmure, Escape the Fate, Eternal Lord
F- Five Finger Death Punch
G- Ghost Machine
H- He Is Legend, Himsa
I - I Am Ghost, Inhale Exhale
J - ???
K- Killswitch Engage
L- Lamb Of God, Lets Get It
M- Machine Head, Metallica
N- New Found Glory
O- Oh! Sleeper
P- Parkway Drive (maybe)
Q- ???
R - RED, Red I Flight, Rush
S - Saosin, Switchfoot, Slayer, the Showdown, Silverstein, Sky Eats Airplane, Shiney Toy Guns
T - This Or The Apocalypse
U- Underoath
V - ???
W- We Came As Romans
X - ???
Y - Yellowcard,
Z - ???
A- Alice Cooper
B- Black Sabbath
C- Chuck Mangione
D- Dire Straits
E- Eagles
F- Flotsam and Jetsam
G- Gorillaz
H- Hives
I- Iron Maiden
J- Journey
K- Korn
L- Led Zeppelin
M- Megadeth
N- Nirvana
O- Opeth
P- Pantera
Q- Queen
R- Rolling Stones
S- System of a Down
T- Tom Petty
U- U2
V- Van Halen
W- The Who
X- got nothing
Y- got nothing
Z- ZZ Top