This was inspired by all three of my favorite bands. Sabbath, AC/DC, and Judas Priest. It's unfinished so far, but I'll work on it more tomorrow and upload it. The dual solo is a bit messy right now, but as I said, I'll work on it more later. Just tell me what needs to be worked on, and I'll fix it up. Thanks in advance! I will also crit your piece! Also, be sure to listen to it with the RSE OFF! It kinda kills the groove I had going for it. MIDI is much better for this piece at this stage. Thanks again! And post a link to your material and I will crit it
the intro kind of reminds me of Audioslave, but the next riff is clearly AC/DC influenced. The mini solo starts out nice, but I think you should end it with a short lick instead. The real solo is nice, I really enjoyed it, although as you said, it's a bit messy at some points. You should definitely keep working in it. I'm looking forward to hear the final song. great job.

PD. Mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.
Great work!
Thoroughly enjoyed it

My only sugegstion would be to instead of having the two solos at once, have a kinda 'Question & Answer' thing going on, switching extreme pan each time.


ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ
Yeah, I was gonna do that originally, but I ended up doing the two solos at once haha, thanks. I'll try that out!
great classic hardrock song
good thing you said you're still working on it. with a few more polishes it has potential to really shine. Since it shows you obviously know what you're doing as far as the music is concerned, I keep my comments to a few technicalities. Like others, I'd advise against that dual solo thing. I mean it'd sounds lovely as a convoluted outro thing (which I hope doesn't come just yet!), but as far as a main solo spot is concerned, you'll get more mileage if you keep those parts seperate/consecutive. If you were going for that early Iommi-style doubletracked solo thing, more power to ya, it just kinda distracts here. Also, the song really needs some vocals. I'm confident you can produce some good lines, because the verse and chorus (while in itself excellent) can get a little bit boring in the long run if not for vocals and the direction/variation they provide. As far as how you'd continue the song, I think some sort of 'breather' passage would be nice, to serve as a nice break before the last outro chorus/solo can come back into full swing again. Great stuff, keep it up!