Hey, I'm new to the forums and am looking at getting my second guitar for christmas. I will be upgrading from my current piece of **** 'Monterey' mock squire. To an averagey metal guitar with humbuckers. Out of these four:
Jackson js1, Jackson Js30dk, Ibanez RG170DX, Schecter Omen 6.

What would be the best overall quality and have the least feedbacky pickups. I'm looking to play mainly thrash metal and nu metal...Pretty much all types of Metal actually.

Jackson JS1

Electric Guitar. Made by Jackson. (EM.290-0010-528)

The most affordable way to get your hands on a Jackson Dinky, the JS1 gives you legendary Jackson tone at an entry-level price

The Dinky has a slightly smaller body, but it delivers the great tone that has made Jackson Guitars a modern legend. The Dinky look is complemented by a reverse headstock, great tone is created by its alder body and Jackson JE10 humbuckers, and it also features 24 jumbo frets for easy playability.


* BODY: Alder
* NECK: Bolt-On Rock Maple
* NECK DIMENSIONS: 1st Fret: .735 in., 12th Fret: .810 in.
* TUNING MACHINES: Die-Cast Tuners
* NO. OF FRETS: 22 Jumbo Frets
* BRIDGE PICKUP: 1 Jackson JE10 Humbucker
* NECK PICKUP: 1 Jackson JE10 Humbucker
* CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone
* BRIDGE: 2-Point Fulcrum Tremolo
* PICKUP SWITCHING: 3-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickup, Position 3. Neck Pickup
* HARDWARE: Chrome
* STRINGS: NPS, Gauges: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
* CASE: Not included
* SCALE LENGTH: 25.5 in.
* WIDTH AT NUT: 1-11/16 in.
* UNIQUE FEATURES: MOTO Dot Position Inlays, Reverse Headstock

Jackson JS30DK

Sound: This guitar suits me perfectly, I play in a metalcore band so this guitar was pretty much made for me. I'm playing it through a Crate GT65 with a 4X12 Crate cab. The sound overall is on the deeper side, but it can still give some killer highs, so far I haven't hade any problems with buzzing or humming. This guitar can pretty much do anything, the cleans are awesome it does get a little dirty once you start to crank it up but apart from that this guitar would pretty much handle any style. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Jackson is a pretty sweet company so you know your gettin somethin good, and this guitar was no exception the only change I had to make wa sthe tuning, but that only took about half an hour and I wa soff and shredding. Probably the worst thing abpout the guitar was a tiny spot of pait on the back of the neck, but that doesn't bother me to much. All of the controls are solid and the bridge was perfectly set up when I got it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've played live 4-5 times with this axe and so far I haven't had to resort to my backup, the hardware has handled everything I've thrown at it and same goes for the finish, even though I've dropped it a couple of times, the paintwork is still perfect. I can definitly depend of this guitar but I always gig with a backup, just incase I break a string cause the locking trem makes quick string changes impossible. // 9

Impression: I play metalcore, as well as some pantera and Slayer, and some punkish stuff just for good measure and this guiatr suits me perfectly, almost anything with distortion this axe will be perfect. I've been playing for about 2 years now and I own 2 other budget crappy guitars. If someone stole this guitar I'd probably buy andother one or save a lil more cash and get a DKMG (just 'cause eits tooks cooler). // 10

Ibanez RG170DX

I assumed due to the low price that this should be a beginners guitar, and no more, but I was wrong.
Pros: I love the comfort of this unit. It feels so natural to play, and it is amazingly easy to work up and down the neck. The shape is also an attractive aspect; tough looking, while retaining its curves and comfort. The sharktooth inlays look great too, and the large frets are a bonus. The stock pickups also pack a huge punch, especially for the pricing, (the setup is as follows; bridge and kneck pickups are humbuckers, and the middle pickup is a single coil).
Cons: The only problem I have with this unit is the middle single coil pickup. It is slightly taller than you would expect, which means that it can be prone to being caught by your plec during heavy strumming. All depends on where you pick the strings though; I dont have too many problems personally.
Quality: The unit is solid and well constructed; it can take a bashing and still work perfectly. There are no blisters in the paintwork, and the entire guitar looks as if it was constructed with a huge amount of care; easilly rivals the quality of the more expesive models within the Ibanez range.

Summary: To summarise, this is a great guitar for a great price. It definately does not come under the "beginners only" bracket. I would say that this guitar can be played by all guitarists of all abilities. It has worked its way up from my backup guitar to being my favourite, ahead of much more expensive models.

Schecter Omen 6

Features : 7
-24 frets
-Solid bridge/string through body
-Thin/medium neck
-Passive factory H/H
-1 tone (treble?) pot, 1 volume pot, neck/both/bridge pickup selector
-Laminated wood (not paint)
-Made in Korea (no idea when)
-No name/stock Schecter tuners

It could have high end tuners, pickups, etc, a "fancier" bridge, or all sorts of stuff, but it's a complete, solid guitar.

Sound : 8
The pickups are a little higher output than many passive humbuckers. I've raised the bridge pickup close to the strings for a higher output, and it sounds fine there. The clean is very bright using the bridge pickup, and very balanced/rich using the neck pickup.

It's not a Les Paul or an ES-335, and I can't say that it sounds as good as either of those... but seeing as how it doesn't break your back like a Les Paul (and it's cheaper!) and is much better for shredding (not to mention cheaper!) than a hollowbody, the sound is a compromise but pretty good.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 7
I got this used and judging by the fact that the annoyingly delicate paint on the screw heads hadn't been disturbed-- and the screws got pretty ugly looking the moment I got anywhere near them with a screwdriver-- it had been set up by the factory and not touched since then. The factory did a terrible job. I've seen worse, but the action was quite a bit higher than it needed to be and the neck wasn't quite straight. It wasn't unplayable but it seems like nobody took the time to really set it up properly at the factory.

Nothing's wrong with it, and it was intonated correctly and all that good stuff... it's just the factory setup wasn't great, and fixing it made the guitar tons better to play.

With 20 minutes of maintenance it plays great, so it gets a 7 here.

Reliability/Durability : 10
The main difference between this and the guitar I had before it-- an Ibanez RG120-- is that this feels SOLID. It's an overall bigger guitar-- thicker body, wider body, larger pickup mounts, bulkier headstock, larger tuning knobs-- and it just looks and feels like less of a toy. I haven't had it for long, this is more of a "first impressions" thing, but it doesn't seem to be planning on breaking any time soon.

I would gig without a backup. This is mainly because I'm comparing it to a badly set up strat-style bridge that went out of tune and moved around the intonation if you looked at it funny... but the bridge and body feel rock solid.

Overall Rating : 9
If it was stolen, I would not have the money to buy another... but if I were choosing what to get another one of, it would be this guitar.

I'd say the major "attention getting" factor of this thing is the appearance. Everything-- the finish, the sunken knobs and switch, the truss rod cover that mounts against the neck so it only needs a single screw (many guitars use 3 screws there), the matching bridge and tuners with fat semicircular knobs-- EVERYTHING about this guitar just makes it look slick.
The major "significant" points are that it plays really well, sounds great, and feels really solid. For $300 new and less used, it's a great value at the very least. I'd take a butt ugly guitar that played well, but it sure helps that it looks nice.
My suggestion, Jackson JS30DK but you should read all the reviews and specs...
Anyone have any experience with the JS1 because its as cheap as chips but there is like no reviews for it. Doesn't the JS30DK have locking tremolo how hard is it to tune? and what if you want to down tune it?
Could someone please reply I know I'm being a bit impatient but I'm going out very soon to pick one out for christmas, need some advice.
Hi! I'm going to buy a guitar in a future...May you give me some advice what would be the better guitar for me if I only start learning to play? What kind or something else... Any of your comment will be helpful for me!!! Thanks!
washburns are nice....I started on a washburn Wi14 with a pevey rage 158 amp...