My first question:
I'm thinking of getting one of these babies, as it's annoying coming up with riffs and not being able to come up with melodies / jamming over them. Are they recommended? Anything better in the price range?

My main question:
Where in my signal chain would I put the Headrush (guitar > Laney TF300) so it can loop my wet signal, aka what I'm hearing? Would I put it in the effects chain or between my guitar to my amp?

Sorry, I'm really inexperienced with this type of pedal...

My third question:
Also, would it be possible to play something clean, loop it, then play distorted and slightly louder over the top of my loop without the loop changing to my new amp setting? I hope that makes sense.

Cheers! Sorry if I sound like English is my second language, I'm still a bit drunk.