I haven't thought about this band in years. They were great and quite the darlings of Trouser press at one point. One of the forgotten bands of the So Cal scene in the early 80s.
Jesus. Follow the Leader is a great song! Good find, Brian! I'm gonna look into these guys. Is my voice actually similar to that? Haha how fantastic.
LOL, brilliant - I havn't thought about them for about 15 years.

Last thing i had was phaseshifter - good album.

Damn you TS - now I'm gonna have go up in the attic and find it!!
I've got a few of their albums, and I think one from back when they were still Red Cross.
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The credit for finding them goes to Stiv, who not only found the album at a record fair, but convinced me to buy my kitten jammies!
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I'm suprised so many regulars didn't know these guys. Good band.

Redd Kross are pretty cool. Didn't the Circle Jerks or someone stole their songs or vice versa? There was something going down...

'Kill Someone You Hate' is the best song, other than that, I don't listen to them on a regular basis. I'm surprised that you like them Brian.