I recently bought Dean Vendetta XMT with a vintage tremolo.I changed the string guage from a 9 to a 10.The bridge is now sticking out ,it is not flush with the body, which I read it should be.I read I need too turn the screws in the back of the guitar.My question is: Do I loosen the strings to tighten the screws on the back? It seems the strings might break if I don't?And how do you know how much to turn the screws without breaking strings?I tried once turning the screws in the back and the 6th string broke and the bridge is still sticking out.Your help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks
So I should lossen the strings and turn the back screws untill the strings get tight?And keep doing that till the bridge is level?

Just keep alternating between loosening the strings/turning the back springs.

Boring it is, but it's the only way.

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