I decided that I want to get the X3 . I am excited about the amp modeling. I see that on the line 6 website you can download patches from other users.
1. Can anyone tell me about the quality of these patches?

2. How quickly can you switch between patches in a live situation?
1. Make your own patches most on Custom tone are rubbish!
2. Very quickly and easily no more tap dancing, I used to use a full on pedal board but since I switching to the pod my pedal board hasn't even made it out of its case! Buy one you won't regret it!

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1. Good as a starting point.

2. Very quick and simple.

I agree with 13-GUITARIST. I've had mine for a year and it's wonderful, but i still do some dancing around cuz i have some more separate pedals in my chain (whammy, wah, volume pedal, talkbox, and looper).
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^ Read? Or heard for yourself? Big difference there..

I suggest you try both, with the amp of your choice, to see which one offers best distortion. I can tell you, though, that the GT has better distortion pedal models.
I was really leaning towards the Boss. The music store next to my house doesn't have either effects pedals. I listened to both on the net, mainly through youtube. I didn't hear any promising high gain patches from the boss. If I could hear something promising in the metal department for the boss I would reconsider
There are some good tones on the tone exchange, a couple clever ones...but it's a very poorly organized site and the good ones are hard to find :[

I think I should just make my own site for Pod tones. imma get on that
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The first thing that I looked for on that site were ratings for patches. I couldn't believe that they did not have that.