There seems to be a thread for everything, but not diets. So I thought I'd make one.
I'll try and get an FAQ up, if anyone wants to help with it, then feel free.

So yeah, share your diet tips, questions, all that shizzle.
Eat lots of salad.
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I guess if you eat a **** load of food all day, like constantly stuff yourself, and its all healthy food it makes your metabolism work faster so you can burn fat easy. This is just what i heard, I myself can eat bacon grease all day and probably loose weight.
it's all crap mate... I would love to be a bit bigger, but I'm skinny as a twig, even tough I eat all day long:'(

the world is upside down!
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I lost 48 pound in about 6 months by eating Weetabix for my breakfast and dinner, that's only about a 800-900 calorie intake, so that gives you like, 1600-1700 to do whatever with for a guy, 1100-1200 for a chick, for dieters it'd be more 1100-1200 guy 600-700 girl, so you can just PIGOUT for tea :P
I eat what I want, when I want. I've trained my metabolism to cope with any amount of crap I put it through.

EDIT: Eat little and often, that keeps the system working and speeding up.
I've lost four stone in 10 months by not eating fast food or chocolate and walking for 15 minuets a day. Four more to go.
How about this?
Don't eat like ****. And work out.
Not rocket appliances.
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drink loads of water, most of usare dehydrated and plus if your drinking water all the time you wont be eating as much food. dont overdo it though, if you drink too much it flushes out some of the stuff you need and you'll die, forealz
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