I really dig the Fendery tones that come from 6v6's, but I don't think 15-22 watts is going to cut it. I've had amps with EL34's and 6L6's, I just like the complex sound you can only get from 6v6's.

Rivera builds at least one model with a quartet of 6v6's- the Venus 6. Who else offers an amp in this format?
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haha, i was going to say rivera too. i think some of the oranges come with 6v6s, but they don't sound anything like fenders. some of the boutique guys might do it, look into guys like /13, carr, victoria, tophat, 65, etc. etc.

i haven't tried any of those, unfortunately (other than orange and rivera).
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I think most of the time people like that cranked tone you get from them ala deluxe reverb, which is probably why you see two 6v6s most often. Not to mention that 2 6l6s/EL34s have about the same power.

If you can't afford the venus 6 then you're probably SOL, anything else with four 6V6s is probably gonna be boutique and extremely expensive.
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