So, I want a delay and I'm stuck between the Boss DD-7 and the Hardwire DL 8 Delay/Looper. They both have nice features and are around the same price, but the Hardwire can be true-bypass, and the DD-7 not.

Which one do you like more and/or recommend? Or some better alternatives (around or under that price)?

What kind of delay are you looking for? More analog natural sounding, but with less delay time, or something digital with more features?
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The Boss DD-7 has tap tempo, I believe.

You could go for the MXR Carbon Copy, or stretch for a DMM. Neither of them have Tap Tempo though.
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I have the DD-7 and I really like it. There's so much scope for creating sound with it, what with the max delay time at 6.4 seconds, the loop record function and the reverse delay. Plus you have a conventional delay sound, and stereo outputs/inputs.
It takes a little bit off the top end. That's all I've found. I adjust my EQ accordingly, not really much of a loss compared to some of BOSS' other pedals.
I found a second hand DD-6 for €60 (half of what the DD-7 costs). Should I get the DD-6 or is their a lot of difference with the DD-7 to pay twice as much for it?
The DD-6 also has tap tempo and you'd think the sound/tone will be more or less the same.
If you don't mind spending a little more money - I'd recommend the TC Electronics Nova Delay. Maybe you can find one used.

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I'd rather a Line 6 Echo Park than the DD-7 to be honest (if you need tap tempo that is). If you want to save money, do that.

But you should go for the Hardwire.

If you don't absolutely need tap tempo, get an Ibanez DE-7.


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Echo Park is what i have, love it.
Tap Tempo is wonderful... the only thing is it's a little ****ing noisy... like for me the tap light that blinks also makes a subtle noise... O_O of course i was also powering it and like 5 other pedals with a 1-spot and when i gave the EP its own power it stopped.