Got me a BC Rich Ironbird 2003 spaceface limited edition model, however I could do with the money.

It has a lovely low action, lowest out of all my guitars, the sound is more suited to metal, but it can do classic rock if EQ'd properly.

It comes with the BC rich travel case, although it's big I've had no problems with it.

I'm thinking £150 is a fair price, seeing as it's reasonably rare and hasn't any cosmetic damage as far as I've seen. Even the corners aren't chipped.

Or offer a trade, I'm looking for guitars, amps, pedals, games consoles, anything really.

I'm located near Swindon, in wiltshire.

I would be sad to see this go.

Is the travel case a hard case? Coffin case?
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No.. It's just stains I believe.. But I've only looked at the case once so I dunno.

But I doubt it..
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Coo' might just be the light.

Mm, I've only had it about a week so if there's anything on the case it's from the previous owner, not me.
A wonderful day for a bump. I just realised the pics don't do the guitar justice, at all.
I'll trade you my B.C. Rich Ironbird Spaceface for your B.C. Rich Ironbird Spaceface.
I don't like mine either... I need to sell this damn thing. i'm offering $300 for the guitar and a B.C. rich hardshell case