i personally prefer ibanez. and the body on that bcrich is fugly in my opinion.i wouldnt own another bcrich unless it was a custom shop ( i have owned 3 platinum series). on the same note i wouldnt buy a mid level new ibanez. i say buy a used mid 1990s ibanez.
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The Draco of course. It sounds and plays so much better than the Ibanez.

i havnt played either one so i wouldnt know... im trying to upgrade from a learners level guitar with freaking fret buzz x.x' and mainly playing alot of thrash metal
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The Draco of course. It sounds and plays so much better than the Ibanez.

you have both?
It might be worth spending a little more on a better Ibanez if you're happy to pay that price for the V. There's plenty of better RGs out there if you want to spend the money. Also check out how much a Washburn X50 would cost you or a Jackson RR5 if you're really into the idea of having a V. But remember to be wary of the comfort factor of playing any V, not really so great to play sitting down.
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neither, because one in terms of price they both go from one extreme to another. the draco's rosewood fret-board is as dry as a nun's **** and thhe ibanez is just ccchhheaap 'n' nasty! my advise by a jackson or esp ltd.

if you go ahead with my jackson or esp choice you can join my club! hope to see ya there!
I'd say the Ibanez would be better, as they're comparable quality guitars with a huge price difference. If you CAN spend $800, though, you might look at some really good guitars like an Ibanez RG1570, LTD EC-1000, or similar.
I so want a Draco. I love the shape it's probably one of the most outrageous shaped guitar/murder weapons I have seen from BC Rich or any guitar comapny, it's right up my alley. Ibanez makes a great guitar but IMHO there is no choice here at all.