ohh yes new guitar amp and pedals

guitar ibanez rg3exfm1 transparent grey burst is the color i want


amp peavey valveking 112 only 50 watts but i have always wanted a tube amp and it has good reviews


distortion pedal metal muff


then for fun and to play along with soemthing i wrote i want the boss rc-20xl loop station

i was thinking tube watts may be different then solidstate watts sweet then i love loud.....i have a bad ass surround sound in my room and i love pissing the neighbors off...and stratdude i live in like nowere indiana and are closest city has a few stores with good selection but salty...and im not going to buy a guitar from the douche bag pawn shop owner who think he knows what he is talking about...i tried buying a squire off him so i could break it and it was already chipped and **** i was like 50$ he said 150$ hahah no way....