so yeah guys this is my first song ive wrote haven't got a solo for it yet but im working on it!

Any kind of feedback welcome
My Song.zip
It's Ok, nothing to extraordinary, the progression gets boring, but vocals would help.

The verse (I'm guessing) Bars 9-24 really didn't work in my opinion, it was kinda blah, but then again i don't listen to post hardcore so that's solely an opinion.

Bars 32-39 are good, that riff is really cool

The clean riff at 89 is really good as well.


Yes, poop.
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thanks anyway that was my first song remember and made it a while back but didn't know how to put it on this dam site haha :p

but yeah finally someone commented thanks
Surprisingly I enjoyed it. I think we can both agree that it's not exactly material you'd want to record professionally, but It's a pretty nice song.

Bars 89-96 has me captivated from beginning to end - it was brilliant.
The random acoustic in the chorus (ie Bar 31) isn't necessary.
Add some drums and you got yourself a master piece. Haha.

Overall, quite nice.

C4C, please? See my signature. Cheers.
this is much much waay better than my first creations... the sweeping part and the transition worked well, altough i dont like the main riff. part 64-70 was the best IMO, but the clen breakdown also kicks ass. really nice for a first one.
to me this song lacks there's no drive to it that pulls you in.
its got more of a sound like you forced it all to fit in together.
but not bad for a first I must admit.
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Sorry wrong song!
i will post a crit asap
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You use a Lot of the Add 9 chords, something I found I did too when I started using Drop Tunings,

The melody kind of irks, maybe drums could even things out?

Kind of got bored after the clean part came around... 3rd use of the same riff, maybe put it into a different position? change the mode or something?

Overall, a 6/10 because It really stayed "in the box", there was very little deviation from the standard 'post-hardcore' sound.

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