Out of these guitars ONLY which do you you think is best for playing shred and songs by bands such as Mettalica,Parkway drive,All that remains,Disturbed,As i lay dying,Atreyu,bullet for my valentine,john petrucci,slipknot,trivium

Jackson soloist SL2H
Esp M-II neck thru
Esp Horizon Fr-II
Washburn Wm526
Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Jem7v
Ibanez S2170
Ibanez Herman li signature EGEN18

Edit: Try playing them yourself isn't an answer because i live in a small country town with no guitar shops
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I'd say look closely at the first three and the S2170, the rest are a bit overpriced/overrated/crap.

Coming from a Jackson SL2H owner.
Esp M-ii
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First 3- but I'd go with the MII as my first choice.
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Soloist, M-II, the Jem or the S2170

Out of those. I would lean towards the Soloist, but I love Jackson so I'm biased. Ibanez make some awesome guitars too, though I'd take the S over a JEM, even if that's heresy in some people's books.
I'd say the ESP M-II or the Horizon FR-II. Theyre both awesome guitars. The jackson SL2H is also great, my uncle has one, its a great sounding guitar. The Ibanez's I cant say much for, I just dont like Ibanez.
is the soloist as good at metal as the Esp's?(Passive vs active)
are the clean tones on emgs ****ty like every one says?
are the heavy metal sounds from the duncan jb as good as the emg?
Hermani Li sig is a jack of all trades, but personally i don't like the finish.
Plays nice though.
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Soloist is on a par, at least, with ESP, imo. I've never had problems getting metal tones out of Seymour Duncans + Jackson, but they're not quite the same as EMGs. I prefer the SDs tbh, i have emg 707s in my 7 (active), and although very powerful, they're not as refined in tonality. (some people say the 18v mod solves this issue though).
What do you mean emg's are not quite the same?
Im so confused!everyone says different ones! what about neck playability which one would you say is best?
One of the first 3, or anything with EMG's sitting in it.

Steve Vai signature isn't what you want.
Jackson Sl2H or the MII imo
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I'd go with the Horizon, really. Mainly because I'm not too keen on the 81/81 setup of the M-II and the Horizon is made of mahogany. Also, I find ebony fingerboards darn sexy.

I can't make a statement on the others, never played an Ibanez and I don't know too much about Jackson and Washburn.
Jackson soloist SL2H
Ibanez S2170

these are better suited to shredding than the other crap.
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Quote by Danno13
I'd say look closely at the first three


where are you in the world, though? there might be some other options (vigier etc.).
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I'd go with the S2170 out of the ones listed. The SL2H wouldn't be a bad choice either though, really. I guess it'd be more or less the feel of the guitar. The Ibanez necks are definitely different haha
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Greatest thread ever.
MII or KH602---gonna hear a lot of **** ,,,,but I actually like the Kh602 a little more compared to the MII and it is cheaper....and $ isnt an issue with me I can spend almost as much as I want on a guitar
I dont think the JEM or E-Gen is what your looking for. they won't be able to do the rythm aspects as well as the others, from my experience. Id say check out the first 3, but my oppinion is leaning towards the Horizon.
either the soloist or the JEM, the JEMS are a charm to play(the white ones)
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Quote by ItsJustSound
One of the first 3, or anything with EMG's sitting in it.

Steve Vai signature isn't what you want.

I would tend to disagree (about the EMGs), those are awful pickups. There are many other pickups that are much more dynamic and touch-sensitive. EMGs are so balls-to-the-wall all the time that they don't allow much room for decent tone on anything else.

Anyway, contrary to what people have said, a JEM actually sounds great for a variety of styles. I love mine to pieces, and think that it's a great guitar. The pickups absolutely scream, and are very touch-responsive. The feel of the guitar is also wonderful, although the neck is wide! It is a thin yet wide neck, which feels odd to some people.

It also works well for rhythm - you might have to get used to it, but it's by no means limited to shreddy lead work all the time. IMO that kind of statement is put forward by people who don't like the idea of a signature guitar or just haven't spent any appreciable time playing one. Or they listen to a Steve Vai record and think that's all a JEM can do.
I went through this about a year ago. It is very hard to know what guitar is right for you, especially when considering higher priced instruments. I tried everything I could get my hands on from $300 to $3000 every major manufacturer and some obscure ones as well. I bought a soloist because I prefered the more natural sound of the seymour duncans. The neck is flat but not awkwardly thin like some ibanezs. However if you just shred all the time you might want the thinnest thing possible. Jackson beats fit and finish for everything but the ESP which I would say is equal. I agree with the other guy that 81/81 set up on the MII is weird and probably its only real draw back. The MII is usually only offered in black and if you really care and want otherwise talk to the custom shop or buy a cheaper model. Honestly it still all comes down to what feels best for what you play.