Now, i just recently bought a pre-custom made Samick guitar thats been around for definately more than a decade and the serial number on it isnt even found on google when i type it in. Its primarily just an standard Ibanez guitar body. It's made of maple wood and the guy who had it before me replaced the bottom humbuckers with new ones (cant remember the brand(yes im stupid)) and took out the cheap immitation tremolo with an origional floyd rose.
I do know however that Samick is a very cheap, starter-like guitar brand, and isnt anywhere near the same league as Ibanez or B.C. Rick etc. i bought it for $250 and have had it for about a month, no trouble whatsoever, plays beautifully, even found out that it was a limited edition made by custom valley works... or something. it says so on the top of the neck so i know its true.
I just want to know if theres anyone out there who can take my very badly put together information and tell me if i should keep it or if i should get rid of it while i can and make at least some money off of it.
i plan to get a better guitar in the future for shredding, but this was in my price range right now.
alright thanks, i know this is really badly put together, but its really early where i am. =]
If you like it, then keep it. Hell, if I fell in love with a Squier Bullet, I'd play it all the time.

There's no point selling something if you really like the sound and playabilty and all that.
Cam Sampbell's my hero