I went to music stop today to look at a new amp, and I came across a used PEavey XXX for $800 bucks. Played it, and it has massive amounts of gain. So I put some money down on it, and I'll get it Thursday when I get paid. What kind of Cab should I get? I was thinking just a 2x12, but what should I get?
where do you live? If you are in the US avatar and vader cabs are good value for money, there's one other company that makes them too, but I don't remember the name. And yes a 2x12 should be plenty, Closed back if you like teh br00talz
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get a good old avatar cab. they are awesome. the contemporaries are sick!

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ah thats a good deal, nice one man.

what sort of budget do you want for the cab ?
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I live in Canada, and my budget could be flexible, but I'd like it to be around $600, but preferably less.
Specifically where in Canada? I might be able to pull up a Craigslist thing.
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Specifically where in Canada? I might be able to pull up a Craigslist thing.

Near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
hey, i wish i read this earlier im selling my XXX 2x12 120W combo for 600. just like the head, but it also has reverb. and can be used as just a head if needed as well, if you think you'd like to buy it PM me
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