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So I've been playing in a band for a while and havent really played in that many others so I was just curious how your band practices went.

We usually play 5 songs than take maybe a 10 minute break and just keep doing this for maybe 2 hours.
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mine go for like 2 hours playing like 5-7 songs getting them down and playing them perfectly and we have a break

My gear is not worth mentioning.
Mine start off pretty solid, we usually run through our songs and then take a break. My hope is after that break maybe play through the songs we had trouble with again and fix the spots that are iffy, but everyone seems to lose focus and the practice becomes everyone playing what they want...although sometimes we do jam off of riffs and stuff.
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We suck at rehearsing... It's like 30 minutes thinking: what are we gonna play...?
Then we play something... then we get drunk.
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Also, Charmander.
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My practices we play about 4-5 songs then we do it again, then my drummer goes adn takes a smoke break. rinse and repeat.
I sit in my room and play with myself for hours on end.
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We play a half a song, stop and sip our beer, resume the song and repeat until the fretboard wont quit shaking and the drummers sleeping on his floor tom.
Do you guys ever have your drummer getting up and playing guitar.
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I sit in my room and play with myself for hours on end.

hehehe really?
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1. warm up with a few songs.

If we are working on a set for an upcoming gig,
2. play the set once or twice depending on length.
3. Deal with problem songs/sections
4. Break
5. Jam (usually drum & bass to begin)
6. Deal with problem songs
7. Re-play set.

If working on new stuff:
2. Play the song over, and over, and over, until it's stuck in our heads for the rest of the night.
3. If one section is giving us problems... slow it down, break down each musicians problem parts.

4/8. Party it up.
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Do you guys ever have your drummer getting up and playing guitar.

Yeah, now we have to get rid of the body.
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Do you guys ever have your drummer getting up and playing guitar.

Yeah but he sucks. We have days where we all just switch it up. We can all play bass (who cant?) and I attempt drums while dude attempts guitar. Its pretty fun.
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I sit in my room and play with myself for hours on end.

I used to do that 'till my sister walked in when I forgot to lock the door, totally killed the mood for years.

Usually, we play a song that's semi high energy just to get in the mood, then one that's a bit faster, then slow it down with a medium energy song then a sorrow sounding song and work on going from song to song and keeping the energy at the right level so we're not playing a slow, sad song and jumping around like we would in a fast, high energy song. Just keep doing that for a few hours.
A chunk of the time, we'll just pick a few songs and just try on playing perfect as a group.
We usually only practice when we have a gig coming up since we all know all of our songs. and when we practice we usually set everything up then create a setlist and run through it once and re do the song if people mess up. then we go through non stop like at a gig. and then we are done
My Band practices are basicly i get up at 11 in the morning practice for a half hour, then head to my drummers house and get there around 12.
From then we wait around 20 minutes for everyone to arive, we talk, ect.
Then we play every one of our songs once *gets longer as we make more songs :P*
Then we might play another song for the fun of it, by then were having a great time.
Then well work on new material, usually a song or an idea.
Then at around 6:30 well go out and get something to eat and hangout till 8.

Im not sure but thats a normal routine ehh? We kinda do that naturaly every time, unless its before a gig where we just kick it in the junk for 2 or 3 hours and head to the venue.
My practices really vary depending on who I'm practicing with.

When I used to play with my prog rock trio once a week, we'd play for 6 hours every Saturday, starting off with a couple jams to get warmed up, then running through our set list a couple times to try to iron out problem spots. Then a lunch break, which included about a half hour of playing Perfect Dark (gotta love classic N64 games) and some brainstorming on what to learn next. Then we'd either get tabs and learn a song or spend the rest of the time recording a new song or a cover.

Nowadays, I only play about once every 2 weeks with a much larger (5 person) classic rock band, and getting all the members there is hard. So we still usually start out jamming to warm up, and then decide which songs the members that are there need practice on. If we get a full rehearsal, we run through our set list. If not, we usually record jams or I end up helping out everybody with their parts to different pieces (I usually know not only my drum parts, but the guitar, keys, vocal, and bass parts to everything we play, so I'm available to help out everybody. Go figure since I practice on my own way more than everyone else. Thank you Guitar Pro.)
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we start solid,then we go solid for like 3 hours practicing stuff we wrote,then we try to write new songs and we uselly get a beat&rift for it,and after that we useually lose all interrest in paritce and get stoned or go eat.
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In 40 minutes:
start: set up
5 min: argue about what we want to play
10 min: play a song we played millions of times before
15 min: Mess around on the drums, guitar and keyboards in our music room at school
30 min: oh **** we need to make some thing up!
35 min: decide what songs we won't bother to learn for next week and pack away
40 min: Fin.

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1. Go to drummer's house
2. Set up the PA, Amps and tune up the guitars
3. Mess around on some AC/DC songs
4. Start going through our imaginary set
5. When everyone agrees we have a break, sit on the couch and watch a rock DVD (we've got Def Leppard, ACDC, Iron Maiden and Led Zepplin) / drink.
6. We get back at it, playing that is
7. Finish, pack our stuff up and hang out for another half hour
8. Go home.

This takes course over 4 hours... usually from 6:30 to 10:30 on saturday nights. It's pretty nice to get off of school and rock out for a night.
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I sit in my room and play with myself for hours on end.

Yeah but how do your practices go?

When we have our drummer we usually run through our songs and then just hang out and listen to muisc. When we don't have our drummer we write stuff for hours on end. It's a lot easier for us to write the guitar parts seperatly and then have him write the drum line for it when were done the song.
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i usually go over to my friends house, we warm up with some of our easier songs and then start practicing one's we've just written. after that we attempt to write more music but it ends up with us going outside and jumping on his trampoline
its hard for us to practice though since we don't have a drummer and our singer is too lazy to bring himself to practice
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Generally they're pretty productive unless it's really cold and stuff. Practicing in a garage that's around zero celcius is not fun! Here is a typical rehearsal.

3.30 - 4.00 Turn up at frontmans house, get a drink, make a sandwich and turn on the heaters in garage.
4.00 Start! All our amps are there so should be pretty snappy at starting
4.00 - 4.30 Play through all our songs
4.30 - 5.30 Work on a song, make it better, improve vocal harmonies etc.
5.30 - 6.00 Play through all the songs once more
After 6 it's pretty much optional if you want to stay for the rest of rehearsal or not, people have evening engagements etc. After 6 we'll typically play acoustic, focus on song writing or vocals.

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Quote by andy_thomas
I sit in my room and play with myself for hours on end.

Back to the Pit, where you belong!

My band are **** at practising. In one 2 1/2 hour period we managed to play one song once and piss each other off...
Well, the first thing I do is consider myself lucky since our practices happen once in a blue moon.
Once there, I rip a few solos to get warmed up, then we all play "Age of Pamparius" by Turbonegro to get the whole band going.
Then we practice like the 4 songs we have written. Sometimes I stop playing all together and just stand around until someone says something and I explain that the songs are way too simplistic and I'm bored.
Then we try to write new songs and I get pissy because the songs are way too simplistic because everybody except me comes from the "punk rock power chord" way of writing music and I'm the only one that can play complex stuff.
Then we take a break and come back to play the same 5 songs again.
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well first we tune up. Then its random playing for all(eg. everyone plays something different), which sounds like a panda being grinded up in a cement mixer, so we set the volume for all the amps. Then theres the first song that someone iniciates after the 'panda' stage, by playing the first powerchord repedatly. During the first song we again asjust the volumes and different levels on the amps. Then we have the first cup of tea for the night, and start the second song. During the second song, we fine tune the levels on the amps. Then we go trough our whole setlist (basicly, all the songs we know). After that comes the second 'panda' phase, but its shorter. Then everyone says we have a short setlist. Then we go to a jam of Hey Joe and Knocking on heavens door. That lasts anywhere from 6 to 30 minutes, depending on the drummers overall mood. Then we do the songs we like the most again. Then the songs we play the worst again. Then the songs we like the most again. Then try a new song. After that the practice is usualy over. During the practice we each consume about 1-2 liters of tea. After that me and the guitaist play some more, but on a much axceptable loudnes. Then we usualy watch tv, or go hang out somewhere else.

EDIT: Practice last for 2-3 hours usualy, but we get over our set in 30-45 minutes.
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We meet at the drummer’s house, warm up for a few minutes and then play though our songs. Then we work on any parts that are a off and then work on what ever songs we’re writing at the time.
As we write more songs playing through the song list takes longer.
It usually takes about 2 hours.
Play some songs. We'll play about three different ones about 4 times each. Then our drummer makes some ridiculously good KD and we play star wars battlefront 2.
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We've got like 5 hr practice or so on sundays (usually 1-6 pm). Its not too organized tbh, for some of it we bitch about gigs, then we bitch about transporting, then we write/finish/enhance songs, then we'll usually go through songs that we need to work on/that we like the best. Sometimes we'll go through our set list, and we'll also jam some. Its actually quite constructive if you ask me. (Im the drummer
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20 mins relaxing
2 hours practicing
20 mins arguing
30 mins practicing
Half the band is DONE and doesnt want to play anymore...
So we plan about a day or 2 before practice.

1. Me and the drummer take the bus after school to his house around 3:30
2. The other members are called up they get here in about 20 mins.
3. Me and the drummer just start playing our own stuff "warming up"
4. The other people get here and we pick a song to start with.
5. After we play it, I tell the band how much we suck (even if it sounds perfect) for the well being of the bands quality/accuracy. then we start refinning for about 1-2 hours with all of our songs.
6. People leave around 6:30-7
7. We all go home and practice our parts untill next practice (tuxguitar/guitar pro)


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Bassist's basement has basically everything we need, we all just need to show up and bring whatever extras we need.

We tune up and everything, run through some songs. Generally we write a new original every few practices, and we also continue working on newer songs. We take a break, chill out, play halo etc. Then we normally go back and practice songs we haven't done in a while and continue working on newer songs. That's basically it, fighting normally stays between the singer and the bassist since they're like an old married couple<3
We have a 16 song set, 14 originals, 2 covers. Get down to the practice spot, whip through the first half of the set, take a smoke break, whip through the second half. Then we'll work on a new tune, and go through half the set again. If something isn't happening the way it should we'll go through it till we get it, or decide to discard it.
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well, we keep everything in drummers garage, so we show up, tune and start jamming. sometimes a different rhythm of a song of ours, or just something new. kinda have fun and warm up. usually where ideas for new songs come from.

when practicing for a serious show(more than 30 mins) we play songs we want to, timed. go over rough spots, think of order. we have a 2 hr show coming on friday, and did that today for almost 4 hours having 2 45-50min sets and went over new songs a few times. mostly sober-ish

if we're just "practicing" then we go over a problem song/part or work on a new song over and over and over and over and over till its right. also play a few of our other songs just to keep em fresh. also try different ways, experiment with effects or whatever idea are going. these nights usually involve heavy drinking.

we've had i think our longest break from practicing ever until tonight... about a week. we stay pretty firm with practicing or at least going out and playing a open mic or a gig of some sort. usually every 2-4 days
We all show up at our drummers house.
I just leave my amp in his room so I plug in and warm up.
Everyone else warms up for like 5 minutes.
Then we start playing the song we're working on, and improve it as we go.
(we're a new instrumental metal/experimental band and we're only on our second song.)
We try to meet once a week on Wednesdays, but 3 of us are in high school and sometimes have to cancel because of schoolwork.
practice usually lasts 2 and half hours or so its supposed to be at four but no one is ever on time and it takes a while to set up

we play our songs a couple times then we screw around for a few minutes then we play them some more

finally when its about over we just start playing random stuff
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We all come over to my house, set up the amps, and then start playing random stuff. Then the practice will take either one of two forms, a practice practice or a writing practice. practice practices go as such. We all play an easy song to start off with, then just go through our songs, while we perfect them. After about an hour of that we go eat, watch tv, then come back to it in writing practice mode.

Writing practices always start off with an open jam in whatever key we want, and after that, i will get everyone to shut up and either ask someone what they got, or show everyone what i got. Then we will write on that
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We suck at rehearsing... It's like 30 minutes thinking: what are we gonna play...?
Then we play something... then we get drunk.

This happens with all the bands I've been in. I've been told I'm a bad influence
We set up in nearly no time, we start jamming random songs. After a while we take a break, sit around, listen to music, think of covers we might want to do, talk about life in general, chicks and music. Then pick up a guitar, work on some new stuff, and we're back at it. Repeat many times.
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At our practices we usually have a little meeting and decide what we want to work on, then we play through our songs a few times.

Afterwards we usually take a break and go get something to eat, then come back and screw around.

Then we practice the songs we haven't got perfected, and after that we jam sometimes. Our drummer lives way out in the country, so sometimes he has to leave pretty early to avoid the curfew (he's not 18 yet) and me and the other guitarist usually sit down and jam on acoustics and do a little writing.
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