So, the bass amp my band was borrowing was removed some time ago. And as such, I have to get a new rig for us so we can rejoice in the low end once again.

What I've settled for is-

Warwick PROFET 5.1 Solid-state, 500 Watts RMS into 4 ohms

WARWICK W410PRO 4x10"Speaker , 300 Watts of RMS bass reflex, 8 ohms, Dimension 675x605x485mm, weight 31kg

WARWICK WCA 115 PRO – 1x 15" Fane standard speaker, 400W/8ohm, bass-reflex design. Dimensions: 675 x 605 x 485mm.

We play mainly progressive stuff, in the hard end I expect to be able to play small to medium gigs with this.

So, have a made a wise choice? or is this not the rig I am looking for?

Help appreciated