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what is the difference from a power tab to the normal tab? Because i look at some tabs and it gives you the option of a "power tab" but if i click it i need to download something, but are they better tab??
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It's free, try it out
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I recently downloaded power tab. when I go to a power tab it tells me To download it but i can never find the file what am i doing wrong?
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after you click the box, a dialog window will come up, asking if you want to save the file or open it. i usually chose to save it. the window will also show the name the file is being saved under.

all my downloads are directed to my desktop then cut and paste them where they belong, but it really depends on where the last upload or download came from or was sent. check your desktop and "my documents". if in neither of those places, do a search on your computer. enter at least part of the file name.

in this case, the file name was no_such_thing_ver2

the other way to search would be to search for files named .ptb
this would show the location of all files with the powertab suffix.
you may have already downloaded some but just don't know where they are.

good luck.

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As to make a new thread, I'll ask here

For some reason when I try to download zip files(as with power tab) they just open in word pad as a bunch of characters, anyone know whats wrong?
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It's free, try it out

uhm i downloaded it and it sad that it was not activated and sad that i has to pay!!! and i didn't can opan a power tab in it ??? how
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Quote by chaosguitair
uhm i downloaded it and it sad that it was not activated and sad that i has to pay!!! and i didn't can opan a power tab in it ??? how

Did you download PowerTab? Or Guitar Pro? PowerTab is free, but Guitar Pro isn't, and you can't open PT files in GP..