This I know is kind of a noob question but I just wanted to clarify this. If you have pickups that look like this http://www.stringshop.com.au/catalog/images/pickups/SD-APH-1NZ.jpg. can you put pickup covers on that look like this http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/regular/5/1/8/369518.jpg? and if so how would you go about putting them on, just popping them over or what?
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yeah i mainly want to know because i'm getting new pickups and they look like the seymour duncans and it won't look good on my guitar considering i have all chrome hardware but if i cant but PAF covers on them its not a big deal because they are still nice pickups
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Wax potting is not used to hold the covers on. it keeps them from resonating. it also keeps the windings from moving.

covers are held on by solder, grind the metal in a couple of locations, tin it and make a bridge between the baseplate and cover. the examples below have been soldered in 2 locations.

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so soldering it is the only way that the covers would stay on?
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just break the solder that's holding the 2 together (File, or otherwise) and remove the cover, and put the new one over top.

that being said, I was watching a video last night** and the guys who were remaking a special es335 noticed one of the pickups had been opened. It's hard to really explain, but if you have an extra hour to burn, I'd recommend watching this:


I thought it was pretty sweet.

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so soldering it is the only way that the covers would stay on?

i'm sure there's other makeshift ways of keeping them on but soldering is the most used/most practical way.
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Wax potting isn't totally necessary. Wax potting kills the tone of the pickups I find (well, not "kill", but it does change it). There's three potting options:

-Just pot the inside of the cover with wax
-Lightly pot the actual pickup
-Totally pot it to remove every last bubble of air.

It's possible just not to pot it all, but you'll be much more prone to feedback, especially if you play with lots of gain and/or really close to your amp.

And yes, you have to solder the covers onto the back of the pups, it's the only way to keep it all together properly.
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