Poll: iPod or D2?
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iPod Nano
17 59%
Cowon D2
12 41%
Voters: 29.
For Christmas, i want a decent mp3 player, and I've narrowed it down to these two.

The D2 plays more file formats, can have rockbox on it, can have different flash skins, games and all that.
But an ipod is an ipod. It looks amazing, is supposed to have brilliant sound quality and is nice a small.

What do you guys think, which is the best?
Ipods screens break easliy, the battery has problems after a year or two.

and to fix the battery/and problems you will a loose all your songs and b have to pay around 80% of the origional price you payed for the ipod in the first place

creative's are fantastic, never heard of this D2 though
have a look at the sony walkmans they have a better sound then the ipod, or if you are going for style i pod
ipod bums
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D2 btw (never heard of it), Ipod is too common

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Only time I'd ever own an ipod is if I won one in a competition or something. Even then I'd sell it.
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D2 btw (never heard of it), Ipod is too common

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Ipod isn't that bad. But isn't that good. Definitly the Cowon, look at JetAudio by Cowon, it has a better sound than winamp! But winamp has a library.
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