Poll: There are 45 apples. If you pick up 3 apples, how many apples are there?
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View poll results: There are 45 apples. If you pick up 3 apples, how many apples are there?
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5 83%
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Voters: 6.
"Untitled (And I)"

The infliction and the glee
all heads dance to the occasion.
There’s suffering and suffering
alone; there are no gods dare
meek defenseless eyes?
Do you understand
the inquisition of the broken son
sun, to speak of loka?

Slowly… slowly, slowly

I withered.

Untitled I

birds seek refuge high up in the heavens
fish on the other hand dive into the sea
which one are you? which one are we?
-Nursery Rhyme

The night the Man of the world
came down upon her. A flash flood
washing the soil from under her tires,
holding herself together with a taught seatbelt
her arms plugged into her shoulders like wires.
Suddenly alone, suddenly chilled to the bone,
suddenly questioning how close she was to the ground,
how close was she to the sky, was it her soul or her ghost
that tightened her skin and shook her thighs.

Car swept like dust by a feather soft
to the side of I-235, knowing the futility in
twisting her key, but twisting anyway,
just to feel the wheels spin, something responsive,
dynamic, turns the knob
but the radio’s turned static, rain patter distant and pathetic
like the pitter of puppy paws on linoleum.
Lodged in forever mud and soil, windows black
banging close, like the pots and pans of the thunderhead
lurked right outside and wanted her dead.

She remembers Orion staring at her through her sunroof
the Confederate dead staring at her through her floor
her heart floating fast, warm, loud, and beating.
She remembers being stupidly surprised at how strong it was.

Something Holy This Way Comes

Venus danced to kettle corn
as Mars performed a jig,
the sugar air was filled with beer
and everywhere the people jeered;
faster, faster, cried the crowd
and loud the thunder roared.
There sat the storm in crystal ball
which Zeus's hands could read
There's lightning in your future
if you choose not to believe.

Then the faithful shamed their gods
and questioned their position.
"I was tricked!" Mars yelled out violently
(his normal disposition).
The other two, quick to agree,
began to tell their tale...

We have no voice, when no minds speak,
no flesh to touch, when no eyes dream.
We left Olympus long ago
to find a world with sight,
when we came across this carnival
they told us they could see;
we had no choice
no voice,
we were theirs to free.
So now we dance and sing our shame
and have our once-beloved world to blame.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
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actually, who are we to determine how many apples there truly are in this world?

you've got red delicious, granny smiths, good apples, bad apples, rotten to the core apples, and even the big apple, which arguably should count as more than one apple.

I think your question is trite and I find your answers uninspired and inconclusive.
Perhaps, but I find your dog with a santa hat on ridiculous.

Anywho, let's shift the attention from picking up apples to picking up votes.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
as the only person currently to have voted in this thread, I feel I have the right to discuss the workings of this poll.

and what's ridiculous about showing holiday spirit, you commie.

green, though I really liked red too. blue was too un-appley for my tastes.
Quote by Billyjson
Perhaps, but I find your dog with a santa hat on ridiculous.

Ha, Zing!

But in all seriousness, I voted for Red. I felt it was a better written piece. Which is more than I can say for the phrase "Better written".

Also, this is my first post in the competition forum for a while.