I recently bought a Korg ax1500g but I'm having some 'problems' with it.
My amp is a Randall RG100G3 and on the back, there's place for inserting your effect loops.
When I use this for the Korg, for some reason, the sound isn't as loud as it should/could be.
When I use the other input (on front, same place where the guitar would go) it's loud enough, but then it's being amplified twice right? (that's what I've heard anyway, I'm not sure about this)

So, does anyone know why it doesn't work loud enough and what I can do about it?

Also, for some reason there's a bit of noise when i use the loud distortion on the Korg, even if i'm not playing any strings. What can I do to prevent this?

I hope anyone here knows what to do
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Also, I just noticed, that on the back of the Randall, for the effect loop, there is a return and a send jack. Which one of these should I be using? (Or is it both?)