Right so, four years ago, I start playing guitar, three years ago I start playing World of Warcraft...Since last year, I haven't improved one bit, so just when I realized that, I deleted my account, and never looked back at the game again. Yesterday I went on and bought an acoustic guitar.

Too much useless info,
I want to ask about good acoustic songs that sound like "How to save a life" by The Fray, or Wonderwall by Oasis, that kind of thing, just open chords and strumming, stuff to learn to sing along by.
um, good riddance by Green Day (you can strum the chords instead of picking notes), there are some good songs by Collective Soul that are just chords and would sounds good with singing
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My G string keeps slipping when i bend it.
Any suggestions?
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Try Johnny Cash - Hurt

Sadly :p

And anything with a capo could be nice aswell
Go to the "What Songs" thread. Its stickied. And it has sing-along and rock categories. Knock yourself out.
in an aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel
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anything by iron and wine for some fongerpicking