I want to organize all my songs. However I have a lot. Is there a way or a program that I can select a lot of songs and choose it as one artist and stuff instead of having to do it individually?
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Try Itunes. you can do that on it.

I prefer the zune software, it crashes more.
Windows Media Player?
edit: nevermind
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Zune software never crashed for me

It hasn't crashed for me either. I just organise my songs by artist.
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MP3 Folder > Artist/Band Name > Album/CD Name > Songs fully named + track number preceding.
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I use iTunes, and in the preferences check mark the box to "smart organize" or something like that, so not only is it organized in the program, but if you go to "My Music" on your computer its organized by artist then album.
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I prefer the zune software, it crashes more.

You prefer zune because it crashes more?
for software foobar is the best out there in terms of audio quality. Winamp has a terrible sounding EQ. There are several programs that can batch edit ID3 tags to make them all have the same artist/album data.
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