in what situations is this required? i know with a TOM bridge but is it needed for a recessed floyd original? i'm getting as much info as possible before i take the plunge christmas break and start my dream of a carve top lespaul with floyd original if i need to angle it how do i go about figuring out how thick of a shim to use?
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because i want to build it. thats part of the dream. lol plus i have to say you get a hole lot more for you money if you build it yourself. plus the craftsmanship is superb since it is your own not some chinese guy doing the same thing again and again day in day out.
if its recessed, you wont need to angle the neck pocket. if it is flush, you will probably need to angle it. TOMs need angled because the strings sit so far off of the body, if its recessed, the strings are alot closer.
so if recessed exactly to the templates on the floyd site just a perfect level pocket? (just making sure i dont wanna **** this up)