Alright, i have a good ole standard cutaway A/E Ovation if that makes a difference. Anyways, i was playin yesterday when my D string snapped. So i was like crap and took it off and decided oh what the heck and took the rest of them off to. Ive been playin for about a year ans i have now decided i need to learn how to re-string a guitar. Im really not sure about it though so i need your help to give me a step by step plan i can read while i do this, thanks in advance...

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thank god its acoustic man - dont take em all off on an electric
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Quote by captaincrunk
shouldn't have taken all the strings off, should've just done them one at a time.

be careful, and don't be afraid to cut that wire short

It's perfectly fine to do them all at once. I take them all off every time because I need to clean the fretboard.

The guide at frets.com that slidething posted is a really good one. If you have a pinless bridge then it's even easier. Just string it through the bridge. No pins to worry about.
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