www.myspace.com/aaronjamessolo first song on my playlist.
This is a song I always had in the back of my head but never found a way to portray it in the musical sense. Somehow after a 10 hour work shift I wrote this 4 minute piece. I sat with my guitar and pulled out those old lyrics. It's my longest song I've written in the shortest span of time. I hope you enjoy my work. I'll critique in return if you wish for it.
Hey Aaron, thanks for the crit and your kind words. Listening now, really nice intro, i dig the noodling, wish I could do it haha. The strumming riff now reminds me of some Opeth. The vocals are a good fit, however they're a litte hard to understand, and could use some clearing up in the EQ. Also, i'm noticing there's some weird transitions, or lack thereof. Maybe work on that. But minus those critisms, i really like the melody and chord progressions. A suprisingly soothing listen. well done man.
This really is only a first recording I did in one night so I'll post up a revised version of this song in the future. Thanks for the critique. I can clearly see my problems with transitions which is a major impediment to my recordings. Cheers
This song has potential to be quite a beautiful little piece. I agree that some transitions could use some work and the vocals could use a little touch-up here and there, but other than that, I found it to be quite nice. The cord progressions sound great and you have a good sounding voice.

Crit mine?