I am using winamp to play some of my music, when I get to my CoB tracks which are made to be played stereo, I can't cause my ****ty speakers only play (mono) the guitar + drum tracks and not the vocal track. So I go into my options and set "force mono" it plays both tracks , but they're barely audible with maxed out volume D:

Is there a volume boost option, or some way I can get my speakers to play both tracks? (I don't want to amplify all the tracks cause there is 50+ of them)
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just use wmp instead fool.
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best option = new speakers
not the cheapest way to go but you'll have this trouble with any track that has paned instruments unless your speakers can play stereo
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my guess -> the left and right channels on the Children of Bodom songs are out of phase with each other -> when you combine them it cancels out and leaves you with something