Hi there,
Am an experienced Electric player, however have never been interested in acoustic guitars. Until now. I am not going to spend too much on my first acoustic and the three I have narrowed it down to are:
1) Washburn D46 SCE
2) Takamine EG 540 SSC NEX
3) Dean Tradition Exotic (Zebra Wood)

All of the above are Electro Acoustics and within the same price range. Anyone have any of these guitars? Opinions? I hear Takamine quite a lot when researching acoustics. I want the guitar to have a nice "full" tone and feel solid and well made yet have a very easy-to-play feel. (Probably asking too much for the price :p

Anyways, I cannot find any local dealers that have these guitars, so valued opinions would be appreciated.

I would choose the Takemine.. It's the best buy in your price range.
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takamine is best bet
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The Washburn DOESN'T say "solid" wood back-n-sides, which is too bad, because "solid" wood is not (IMHO) as good a value or as good a sound as a solid wood guitar.

The Takamine you mention appears to be a higher price than the Washburn, if I have my conversion right. Still not "solid" all over.

The "Dean" you mentioned is also an instrument without all solid wood.

If I had to choose, I'd go with the Takamine, only because their reputation is growing as a dependable and nice sounding guitar.

If you can tolerate an acoustical that is NOT also an "electric," I highly recommend the Guild GAD25NAT. Here's a review of the one I bought, and also, if you are stuck on Acoustic/Electric, take a look at the other link here, for my review of the Epiphone AJ500ME/VS that I bought:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2mvph9GKDw (Guild)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aderxauA9mg (Epiphone)
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