i got this guitar 2 years ago from a friend. not really played it much, cos i didn't like floyd roses, now i've really gotten into them
but yeh, it sounds horrible tbh
need new pickups etc, but i was just wondering
what else should i do to it?
minus new pickups

or, is it even worth doing up?


its specs are :

Pickup : Two OH-1 Humbuckers and OS-1 Single Coil are mounted.
Bridge & Tail piece : KT-C Double Lock Tremolo is mounted.

Body : Alder
Neck : Maple, Bolt-on, Smooth-heel
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Frets : 22F
Scale : 648mm(25-1/2")
Pickups : OH-1 Humbucking x 2, OS-1 Single Coil x 1
Controls : Volume x 1, Tone x 1, PU Selector Switch x 1, Coil Tap Switch x 1
Tailpiece : KKT-C Double Lock Tremolo
Hardware : Black
Finish : BK, MDB, CA, MS

i think im gonna re-paint it aswell
not sure what colours
but i'm open to suggestions

If it really is an alder body guitar then I say go for it. Alder is a nice wood, used on Strats mostly, both of my Strats are alder anyway. I don't know anything about floating tremelos though so I can't tell you if the one you have is good or not, someone else will know.