Right. Just been recomended an M-audio interface. Not sure what one though. Maybe the solo one? Are these any good? What software would I need to get with it for different amps, effects etc? Also, can I run 2 guitars through it at the same time?

The reason I like the topeport is because it comes with amp models and effects while the m-audio does not? If this is correct. I know most of you think its cheap and the amp models are piece's of **** but I like the fact that I only have to spend £150 and get EVERYTHING I need from the toneport. Im new to recording so Im not looking for anything advance, nor expensive.

Suggestions are welcome and I would appriciate pro's and con's of these interfaces and what one would be the better to go with, or a different one completely.


EDIT: Just so you know, my laptop runs with vista.
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