At times earlier in my bass playing experience, composing came to me quite naturally and the frontier for creating music was still fresh and full of wonder. Now I find myself recreating similar riffs over and over time and time again. For whatever reason, that frontier a bit barren now. I've lost identity in my own bass playing stlye. Perhaps I need inspiration?

What inspires you to create something on the bass?
Learn some music from a genre that may not like so much. If you dont like blues, tough it out and learn some. Seems to work quite well I find. Even... just maybe... learn some country or something. Give it a go!
I'd say try composing other parts on a different instrument.

I've found that pure composition on bass is very constricting, so I mainly compose on the piano.

These are my feelings though, you might be different.
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Bass isnt the best compositional instrument, mainly for the reason that its tough to play chords, and your very restricted in voicings.

Therefore, I prefer to compose on a piano, or at least a guitar