im lookin for a pedal that will help me get that sound like dimebag darrel. anybody can help me out?
u think correct my friend
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do what jimbleton said

^ i did something good!!

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^ to something i said!

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Yeesh. Is tone wasn't all that great... he just played awesome.
Randall Warhead, with eq completely scooped out, theb boosting the mids with an eq pedal...o, wait you wanted a pedal, well there is that mxr one...
hey! dont buy it, MXR dime dist sux...
find a hi gain pedal,noise-gate, and good EQ peadal n u good to go.
the tone is mid cut off, bust bass, and more high freq then the bass.
and you have a saw!
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the mxr one completely sucks...

your def gonna need an eq me thinks.. id save for the warhead suggestion.. there usually cheap-ish on ebay.