ok so ive been playing for a little for than a year, and i never really played much until like august of this year i started practicing a lot just playing stuff like the hives nirvana and stuff but recently ive started to play metal and i wanted to know what a good and easy metal solo to start of metal soloing is, right now im trying to learn the solo to "mouth for war" by pantera but i got stuck, i dont really have much soloing capabilities really, i can play the smells like teen spirit solo :P
thank you ug
maybe start easier?
hendrix for example

EDIT: i know he's not metal i meant an easier genre ie the blues
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try some slow queen solos
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definitly do Paranoid...and i know this isn't metal but ac/dc's solos are very do-able and they get your fingers moving the right way
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I personaly find paranoid hard... i would recomend the first solo from ax7 critical acclaim.
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When you try to learn it, break it down in sections and keep playing one section over and over untill it's muscle memory, and then move on and piece them together.
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There are very few "easy" metal solos, you need to be looking at other genres at the moment if you want to develop your lead skills.
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