ok, so i have a yamaha MW12 mixer, and i use cubase sx3. When i want to record over a track in the program, cubase sends that track into the mixer like it should, but then the mixer sends it back to cubase. So, when i try and record a second track, the second track is recorded, but the first track is recorded again with it.

If you know how i can fix this i would appreciate the help
add another track and record on the blank track... when you record over something, it uhh records over it you know?
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cmon man, how big of a noob do u think i am? When i record on the second track, on the next blank track, it records track 1 also. If i mute track 1, then it doesnt happen, but i have to be able to hear what im playing to.
are you disarming the first track? the red r should be blue or gray or whatever the inactive color is
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yea yea, its totally inactive. The problem is, is that cubase is sending both tracks to the mixer, and then the mixer is sending both tracks right back to the computer, but the mixer is only supposed to send the new track to the computer. So instead of only the new track being recorded, the new track and the old track are being recorded. So the old track is being recorded twice.

I know it may sound confusing, but im trying my best
Monitoring preferences in SX3 - do they need changing to tape machine style or something?