I am lead guitarist in an alternative rock/metal band.

Today at band practice the bassist and the guitarist just stayed put playing a phone game and listening to their Ipods and what not.

So, at this stage it was 2 hours since we played anything so I just had enough and packed my gear. (I had said that if we weren't going to play, I was going to go a few times already)

So a hour after I had my things packed up, the rhythm guitarist started giving out to me saying "Oh if the bassist packed up you would be furious!" and "I can't believe you did that!"

(Just for the record, the drummer and I were wanting to play and the other two weren't)

Then he goes onto to trying to turn everyone against me so I just said "Screw this," and I walked out.

Now, I am 15 and I am very serious about my music and I just find this out of order!

Does anyone agree or do I have problems???
Definately agree with you. I have some band problems myself, also with the bass player ^^
I had a problem like this, so I quit, and am now the bassist in a new (better) band.
But yeah, bandleading forum *reported*
I Agree, I'm 15 as well, and am serious about playing music, but we can't seem to find a good, reliable drummer/singer and its annoying how sometimes people say they'll be there or do something, and they don't and they have a crappy, made up excuse for it.

Yes, poop.