my guitar recently got the dip in the face so the luther at G.C said he has to humidify it. how does he do that?? is that something i could have done??

secondly i baught a humidifier formy room today, if my guitar is cased , will it still recieve the humidity from the room humidifier, or should i ALSO with the room humidifier put my soundhole one in?

thirdly will the room humidifier affect my electronics if its near my pedals??

last, what is the effect on my elctric guiters(specificly the necks) with having a humidifier?
You're going to need to keep your guitar in your case at all times during the winter with the guitar humidifier and the case closed. That's the easiest way to humidify.

A room humidifier might work, but it's harder to guarantee that you haven't over humidified(which can be just as bad of a problem). It will not work if your case is closed with your guitar in it. The purpose of closing your case is to keep the guitar in a separate environment from the room.

The room humidifier should not affect your electronics as long as you aren't pointing it straight at it.

As for your electric guitars, as long as you're using the room humidifier in proper moderation, the effects should be beneficial. Even electric guitars need the right humidity since they're made of wood, but just aren't as sensitive since they're larger/thicker pieces of wood.
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well as long as the room humidifier is being monitored for the level of humidity you can keep the acoustic outside of the case.

here is what i have:
room humidifier that shuts off once it gets to my desired %(which is 55%), and a humidifier meter which i keep mounted directly within 2 feet of my acoustics. the meter always reads around 47-55% and over a month my guitars have never been happier.

Oregon makes a great weather/humidity guage, it comes with a wireless sensor you can wall mount.