Okay guys, I need some assistance. I'm going to buy one of those packs, and I really don't know which one to choose. I can't afford getting any of those guitars and amps separately, and both of those packs are quite good deals... in Poland, anyway.
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Don't freak out, I know the site's in Polish - that's where I come from. :P
So, which is better? I'd say that the Wash is a better guitar, but the amp is ****ty. Dean's cool, the amp is better than the one that comes with the Wash, but still - Washburn is better. I'm mostly going to play rock, metal and stuff like that, so both of these suit me quite well... It's all about which of those packs is more bang for buck, basically. So, help me if you can - if you've played these guitars, or used those amps - I need opinions!
I had a bad experience with the Dean Vendetta XM. If you're a beginner, yes, I'd recommend it as a starter guitar, but not for Intermediate or Advanced players.
i like my vendetta..
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