i have a recently-ish purchased fender aerodyne bass and lately ive been getting a weird buzzing sound. this sound seems to only occur when i play the a-string open so i figure its probably a problem with the nut. I've been able to fix this by muting with my left hand behind the nut whenever im playing the string open, but its not very convenient.
is there any way to fix this myself or will i have to bring it in?
also how much will it cost to bring it in seeing as im broke because i just shelled out for a new amp.
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try holding onto the the tuning head. it may be that the tuning head needs it's screws tightened(the ones holding it to the head of your bass) or it's breaking on the inside. I had that once before and the screws were loose.
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or believe it or not, it could be that you aren't properly grounded. Have a tech check all the wires in the guitar. Also it could be a bad ground in your amp. You could be getting something called 60 cycle hum when you plug into an outlet in your home.
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^ 60Hz hum won't happen on just one string...he's getting a rattle.

It's likely a tuner...if it is, you don't have to worry about it. It won't be amplified. If it's the string rattling in the nut, you'll want to get it fixed, but it's more likely to be the tuner.
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