IMHO, I think of it more of a hardcore or Metalcore song.

I thought that the solo wasn't all that great and needed more thought into it. I really enjoyed the breakdown in the song. The chorus was really cool for a metalcore song. Even though I'm not a metalcore fan, I think that this song was great.
Um okay, I did label it as a Metalcore? Lol.

Maybe expand on how i could improve the solo? Even though i like it just the way it is.
Thanks for the crit anyway, link me for a crit back.
Quote by BC_Warlock
Um okay, I did label it as a Metalcore? Lol.

Maybe expand on how i could improve the solo? Even though i like it just the way it is.
Thanks for the crit anyway, link me for a crit back.

It is in the sig.

What I meant on the solo was that it was just to short and you didn't give it time to sink in IMHO. It was to "quick and gone" for me.
Amazing Song. Really Really Good.

Intro- It started out kinda weak, it was a good riff in all, but the progression itself is kinda overused with the melody, but w/ the drums doing what their doing, it makes up for it.

Pre-Verse- Eh, I really wasn't feeling it, the 44 hi hat was kinda dumb, it made sense, but it didn't sound right.

Verse- It was really good, w/ lyrics over it it'd be a really memorable verse, cool lick at 41 and so on

Verse Continued- It gets a little harder, and like what most metalcore does, you use the 0 pattern, but it works

Pre-Chorus. Pretty sick, the drums really add to it,doing the steady double bass, cool transition into the chorus

Chorus- I really like the melody guitar 2 does, kudos, it feels like a good chorus

Verse 2- I really like the rhythm even if its the same open power chord

Solo- Yes it could be a little longer, but at the moment it packs a nice punch, nice use of harmonies

Verse- Pretty cool same as before

Chorus- I think you should have varied it a little, like make the lead melody a harmony with the extra guitar and maybe switch up some notes while keeping the same rhythm, like jump 5ths or something

Outro- Really, Really good, the breakdown transitions nicely into the melodic ending.

Overall? I actually enjoyed listening to this song, 9/10 easily maybe even 9.5/10

Crit any of the ones in my sig?


Yes, poop.
The intro was kinda, bleh. It need more punch.

After the lingering power chords, that where I feel the song really starts.

This verse riff is excellent. It's very memorable and heavy.
In a genre like metalcore/melodic-death, you get a lot of copied riffs.
This riff sounds genuine; not groundbreaking, but good.
I like how the little higher pitched runs separate the riff.
I had to use riff as many times as possible, like a real riff.

Anyway, the tapping portion at 65-73 was badass.
That chorus is even moar badass!!!
That breakdown...no.
Breakdowns are okay, but the chugging gets a little annoying.

The solo was great. Contrary to what has been said, I don't think you should extend it.
It works perfectly in context and extending it would ruin it's power.

2nd breakdown...no.

I do like the outro licks. That was an very well done finish and I applaud you for that.

Overall, 8.5/10.
You should definitely fix up the intro.

I recommend Lycotrope or tttttttt_2; you'll probably like those.
As far as metalcore goes, I really enjoyed this piece.

I can't pick out many negative things. One thing I did notice is the intro gets kind of boring. I would add a second guitar playing a separate melody or just harmonizing. Also the.. lack of transition into the pre-verse just sounds bad.

9/10 , C4C?! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=17376344
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
Some very simple but effective melodies in there which I like. I think they bring this song from being a basic, stock metalcore song to a pretty good one.
The intro is good but that kind of chord progression is such an overused technique that it get boring on the third rep.
Very overused and cliche breakdowns but they work in this context.
Very good for a metalcore song but I think the whole genre is getting very cliche by now. If you wrote this 5 years ago I would be pretty pumped about it but right now I'm getting tired of it, no offense.
Sound cheers for the crits.
Will take all into account, and will crit all your songs after band practice tonight. In which we will be practicing this song, so yeah. Thanks again.
-intro was very parkway drive. but it was cool. however iw ould have doubletimed the drums when they come in.
-highhat thing at the preverse was pretty augh.
-the riff after was brutal though. again very parkway.
-the breakdown verse after it fit right in.
-preverse was pretty cool. however i didnt like the snare thing at followed.
-chorus was well done. i liked how you broke it up with the breakdown riffs int he middle.
-breakdown after it was brutalzz
-solo was perfect. suited the mood. sounded awesome.
-from there on its repeated stuff. which all sounded good and fit in with each other.

a well put together song, and i can sense alot of parkway influence.
record it plz.
Thanks Jesse.
Quite glad you can hear the Parkway influence actually.

Any particular one of yours you'd like me to crit? =]