ok so long story short i just recently got back i9nto playing after many years of not. i never used an amp too much and now that i am i notice that, for example, when i play a scale or solo i brush up against other strings and they ring. am i supposed to mute the strings im not playing with my right hand? if so, are there any lessons out there on it? i am good with my left hand as far as hitting notes go, but i just need alot of work to make sure extra notes arent ringing through, and i assume it starts by muting with the right hand. thanks
If you make sure you're picking and fretting is co-ordinated then there shouldntbe too much ringing. You can mute other strings that you arent picking but only the ones lower than te strings you are playing. For example, if you played --4-5-7-- on the G string then you could mute the E A and D string swith the edge of your right hand ( the edge that faces away from you)
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you just need to work on picking that hand up and not hitting anything else, it's all precision training. you get those tones without an amp, you just can't hear them as much. pick up your hand a little bit, angle your pick, and pay attention to precision
ok, so if im playing on E A or D for example i shouldnt worry too much about muting the higher strings?